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Charlotte Kalla competes as the first pregnant woman in “Let’s dance”

Ski star Charlotte Kalla takes her place on the dance floor in “Let’s dance” as the first pregnant participant ever! At first she was unsure if she would accept the request, but now she is training hard before taking her first steps onto the dance floor on March 18!

Photo: TV4

Charlotte Kalla recently announced on social media that she will become a mother this summer. On Instagram, she wrote: “We are happy, hopeful and happy even though it still feels very surreal! One step at a time towards something incredibly long-awaited, a dream I longed to experience!”

Is in hard training for the premiere

But Charlotte Kalla will not be lying on the couch for the next few weeks. Soon she will compete in “Let’s dance” as the first pregnant contestant ever. She performs together with veteran Tobias Karlsson, and right now the dance couple is training hard for the premiere. To Expressen, Tobias Karlsson says that Kalla is one hundred percent in favor of the training. “It’s so cool to dance with someone who has done so much for Sweden. It’s one of the greatest athletes of all time, it’s crazy. Then it’s very nice. We laugh a lot,” he reveals to Expressen.

We at Metro Mode will definitely be sitting on the bench in front of the premiere on March 18 and cheering!

Source: The Express

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