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4 Steps to leave old shoes as white as the first day

There are only two ways to wear white sneakers: or totally shiny and with a target that is hard to look at or totally dirty and with a trace of history and the places through which they have passed.

The world is divided into these two types of people, but if you are one of those who has never cleaned your shoes, now you can wear them as if you were brand new.

Do you know how to return the white to your shoes?

If you want to show off new shoes without having to spend not a euro to buy new onesjust follow these simple steps to bring them back to the white they once knew.

1- The powerful mix

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Mix in a bowl equal parts water, sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide. If you are only going to clean some sneakers, with a tablespoon of each product will sufficeif you have more things to whiten, you will need much more.

2- Rub, rub and rub

Youtube: jairwoo

With one of the old toothbrushes, scrub the entire surface of your shoe so that all the dirt is removed. You will not see changes at first, you have to let the mix take its effect.

3- Relax

Youtube: jairwoo

Now relax, put on a movie and wait, at least 4 hoursfor the mixture to have its magical effect.

4- Total whiteness!

Youtube: jairwoo

Now all you have to do is pick up your slippers, hit them hard against each other and as if by magic, the target will have returned.

Did you know this simple trick to restore whiteness to your sneakers? Will you get some of your favorite sneakers back now that they can be white again?

share it with all your friends so they don’t go back with the shoes made a mess!

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