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Who owns the domain? That’s how you find out the owner

You may want to find out who to contact to buy a domain that is taken or perhaps find out who runs a specific website. Then you need to find out who owns the domain. However, it is not always easy to find who runs a website and who owns it. Most of the time, you can already find an opportunity to contact the owner on the website, and that is always the easiest way.

Because the information that is disclosed about the owner differs depending on the domain type used. If it is SE, COM, NU or NET, there is different information that is given out and it is not always in the same place that you can search for the information. However, there are central services that can provide you with the information you are looking for.

Find out the owner of a domain

Finding out who owns a domain can help you get in touch with the person or company that owns the domain. Always start by looking through if you find an email address on the website to reach the owner. If, however, you don’t want to get in touch with the owner but just find out who owns the domain, you can use a WHOIS service. Then you can easily find out what information is available. A WHOIS service works like you enter the domain name and then it retrieves the available information. This way you can easily find out who owns the domain.

Depending on which domain it applies to and which extension is used, COM, SE, NET, NU or something else, the available information is displayed. Because, after all, not everyone gives out that kind of information in an easy way. Therefore, you may sometimes have to search yourself to try to find out who owns the domain. After all, it can affect much more than you think it will if you want to be able to find out who the owner is.

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