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AI is changing the conditions for online casino

Artificial intelligence is changing many industries at breakneck speed, and the casino industry is no exception. Even if AI is already used today in casinos, the technology will mean that the games of the future will look different from today’s. The question is how the players will be affected and how the regulations will catch up.

Online casinos are quick to use new technology

For many years, casino has basically been synonymous with online casino. Although land-based casinos still exist, it is the virtual counterparts that are gaining ground worldwide. It is simply difficult to compete with the accessibility of the online casinos that you can find on comparison sites such as online casino out of license.com.

The rise of online casinos has been possible, among other things, due to technology such as RNG, random number generator, or chance generator. RNG technology is not completely random but it uses advanced algorithms to mimic true randomness. The technology has been refined and today the result is striking.

Slots, where chance is almost the sole rule, is not the only area of ​​the casino industry that will change with AI technology. In the future, all parts of a casino will be characterized by AI.

More personalized gaming experience with AI

Perhaps the most important development that AI will bring to the game at an online casino is the personal experience. This is accomplished through the collection of data and machine learning where algorithms analyze each player’s behavior. The AI ​​system learns how each person plays and what kind of games that person likes.

The AI ​​system can then create personalized bonuses, make personalized recommendations and show which offers the individual player might be interested in. That way, the casino’s AI can suggest new games and also predict the player’s behavior.

Although this technology is already in use, it can continue to be used to make players even more satisfied, which in turn makes them stay longer at the casino. It is a technology that the casino companies make a lot of money from, but the competition for the players is fierce.

AI makes the casino more fun – and more beneficial

More personalized games aren’t the only way AI will change the games themselves at an online casino. AI can also make casino games more interactive and more fun for the players. Many casino companies choose to use AI to “gamify” slots, which are the most common form of casino games today.

With the help of AI, games are created that contain more unexpected twists and that keep the player engaged for longer. With the help of increasingly advanced RNG technology, the games also become faster and more accurate. It is becoming more and more difficult for players to figure out patterns in different slots, which of course benefits the casino.

A virtual croupier adjusts the game at the casino

It’s not just the players who will notice the changes coming from the AI. The staff at the casino will of course also be affected. Games that previously required a human croupier or dealer to be interesting can now be managed without human staff. A realistic and appealing croupier can now be generated using AI.

The experience for the player is probably not much different from if there was a real person on the other side of the virtual table. Additionally, an AI-generated croupier can adjust the game depending on the player’s skill and behavior. This, in turn, places high demands on the reliability of the AI ​​system and the casino.

This is not the only way casino companies can save money on staff. The chatbots are the future of customer service and assistants at the online casino. Today’s AI bots are far more advanced than their ancestors and become increasingly realistic the more they are used. Not sure about the rules of a game? The AI ​​bot gives you the answer instantly and at any time of the day.

Safer games at the online casino with AI

Online casinos are heavily exposed to fraud attempts and have always had to be at the forefront when it comes to security. AI can contribute to safer casinos by detecting suspected fraud such as identity theft. By analyzing and interpreting behaviors that indicate that a user has multiple accounts or plays suspiciously irregularly, AI can alert the casino, which in turn can take action.

It has long been difficult for a virtual casino to detect fraud, because even the fraudsters are constantly evolving. AI can be used to detect if a player is using software or other tools to cheat, making the game safer.

The consequences of AI on online casinos – new legislation awaits

It is easy to see all the advantages that a casino can derive from AI technology and which can also benefit the players. However, there are pitfalls and some clearly negative consequences of AI in online casinos. In general, they do not differ from the general problems that AI gives rise to or makes visible.

Firstly, a casino obviously does not want to reveal the technology behind the game, as this would mean a risk of reduced profit. The casinos are companies that obviously want to make money from their product. However, it leads to a lack of transparency in how AI is used and in the ethics behind the system.

There is a heavy burden on all organizations and authorities that issue licenses for online casinos worldwide. Legislation has difficulty keeping up with the rapid development, but soon new EU laws on AI are expected. If the AI ​​laws go through, the EU will be the first in the world to regulate AI, which could not least affect online casinos.

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