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Install WhatsApp on multiple devices with the same account

Version allows installing WhatsApp on multiple devices using the same number and synchronizing all conversations.

Install WhatsApp on multiple devices it will become easier. Until now we could already have the application active on two devices, on the smartphone and also use its web version on the desktop without having to change accounts.

But the synchronization between your phone and the extra device still had some limitations, such as having to keep your smartphone connected while using the web version of this social network.

With the new beta version, some new features have emerged, one of which is the “Companion Mode” that will allow the user to associate up to a maximum of 4 different devices to the same WhatsApp account that will be able to work more independently than what happened until now. with just two.

For now, the test is only available to a limited number of Android users who want to install this beta version and try linking different devices together.

As Install WhatsApp on multiple devices?

If you are interested in testing the beta version of WhatsApp with Companion Mode click here to find out more and search the Google Store for version that you will have to install on all devices, up to a maximum of four, where you will want to use the same account.

The next step is to choose one of the devices as the main network device to start the bonding process. On that device, open WhatsApp in the beta version and tap on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner. You should then select the new functionality “Companion Mode” and then the option “Link Device” to generate the QR code necessary to connect the new devices.

Now open the second device that already has the beta version installed and scan the QR code that appears on the first device that generated it. Do the same with the other devices.

Your account will now be synchronized on all of them. If you want to remove a device from this mini network, just open the application on the first mobile phone, tap on the three dots and choose “Linked Devices” where a complete list of all connected devices will appear. To disable someone just tap on their name and delete.

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Is this installation secure?

The advantage of this new functionality is that, even if the main device is disconnected from the network, the others will be able to function normally and independently, guaranteeing synchronization and security thanks to the architecture of the new “Companion Mode” system.

What happens is that when a complementary device is linked to this mini network, the main device encrypts the packet of most recent conversations and transfers it to the new device, delivering the key of these encrypted messages to the new device through an encrypted message of end to end.

After the complementary device downloads this package, it is able to decrypt, unzip and store it safely, destroying the keys it used for this purpose.

From that moment on, the complementary device starts to access the history of conversations in its own local database, working identically to the main mobile phone.

The result is that all your devices will be autonomous and fully functional wherever you use them, ensuring that your account is fully synchronized on all of them and capable of saving your conversations in complete safety.


There are only two recommendations that the company makes to users who want to try installing WhatsApp on multiple devices.

The first has to do with the fact that the beta versions are more unstable than the official versions so that, although all the normal functionalities of this application are guaranteed, its performance may be different, for example, being slower in communication time.

The second has to do with the use of this network of devices. If, on the one hand, your main phone does not need to be online to use WhatsApp on the other devices linked to it, if you do not use it once for more than 14 days, the complementary devices lose their connection, and you have to start all over again. the process. With the reservations made, now it’s just testing.

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