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All About: Relationship and its Meaning (What it is, Concept and Definition)

Learn a little more about the various definitions and concepts about relationships and even understand the cultural definition of the topic in addition to some curiosities. So if you like this subject relationshipsgrab a coffee and follow this complete article!

How is relationship defined?

Relationship is a word used to define and distinguish some kind of connection with another person, be it a family, loving, affective, friendship or even professional relationship.

Anyway relationship is a type of bond that happens between two individuals where it involves, coexistence, closeness or some kind of mutual exchange.

What is the basis of a relationship?

Entering into the concept of a relationship with love basethe essential involvement factor is to cultivate an exchange in a balanced and healthy way for both parties involved in the link.

important points like dialogue, respect, friendship, loyalty and trust are just some of the main points that aim to build a solid and healthy relationship with anyone, whether in a romantic relationship or not.

Know the types of current relationships

In the following topics we separate a list of types of currently existing relationshipsin addition to its concepts, definitions and curiosities.

free/open relationship

A type of relationship that needs a lot of maturity from a couple and detachment from both sides is the open relationshipwhich cultivates the ideology of a long-term commitment where both individuals can exercise their freedom as beings free from the shackles of a monogamous relationship.

In an open relationship, for example, both people can relate lovingly/intimately to other people without interfering with the relationship itself, as it is deliberately open to others. people and possibilities.

However, it is always important to remember that each open relationship also involves agreements, after all, each couple has their own way of living the relationship, agreeing on what can be done and accepted within that relationship or not.

Another great curiosity about this type of relationship is that, when well established, it usually lasts a long time, since it is focused on both the pleasures of the two people involved and has little affective, emotional or attachment involvement.

monogamous relationship

Among the types of relationships we know, the monogamous relationship is the most predominant within our society, it is called traditional or conservative relationship.

In which two people decide to live a romance based on total exclusivity agreements, that is, unlike an open relationship, in a monogamous relationship there is no possibility of other partners or people, it is only the two people involved in the issue, sharing life, partnership in loving and sexual areas.

Distance relationship

Distance relationships exist and are a current relationship model that often happens due to external interference, such as living in different countries or cities, the need for one of the partners to study elsewhere.

However, the long-distance relationship usually has a deadline, that is, it lasts for some time as long as the distance is temporary for both sides.

There are even cases of people who met virtually and started long-distance relationships that worked out very well.

relationship sexual benefit

The sexual benefit relationship is one in which both parties decide to transform the relationship into casual encounters only for sex and carnal purposes, leaving aside affective involvements.

In this type of relationship there is usually no attachment to the partner, love or any deep bond, after all it is based only on this exclusive objective.

toxic relationship

The toxic relationship consists of the idea that even loving the partner, the dynamic of the relationship does not work, since it hurts and harms both parties.

It is usually a conflicting relationship filled with many attacks, fights, arguments and lack of emotional and affective support and responsibility.

Generally, the relationship is constructed incorrectly due to the immaturity of the couple who do not know how to balance their emotions or direct them correctly.

Toxic relationships are dangerous for the couple and are often relationships that do not last long due to the wear and tear that is generated in the long term for the two people involved.

Submission ratio

A submissive relationship usually happens when only one of those involved decides to impose their will on the other, that is, winning a script as portrayed in the film 50 shades of gray.

When these decisions are not accepted by the submissive partner (when the person receiving orders does not agree) it is called an abusive relationship.

Already within the submissive relationship, the person who is commanded is in accordance with the orders of his partner and seeks to follow him without problems.

And yes, it is possible to have a good submissive relationship.?? Some partners like the dynamics and build good relationships based on the values ​​of submission, evaluating everything as a big fetish.

Final considerations

Evaluate your priorities and define the ideal type of relationship for you, after all, there are many types of relationships today and whatever your choice, always remember that it must be based on your ideologies, beliefs and ethical values ​​and moral principles.

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