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Virtual box credit card: how to apply?

Like most current bank applications that have virtual cards, Caixa Econômica Federal also offers its customers the option of a virtual cashier credit card. Learn how to apply for yours, the advantages that the card guarantees to the customer and how it works and can be used.

What this article covers:

How does the Virtual Cash Credit Card work?

The virtual cash credit card works in a simple way, being used for online purchases. The customer generates the card in the Caixa Cards application, and uses it according to the limit of his account.

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During purchases It is necessary to inform the security code (CVV) and the card number generated for the virtual cashier credit card. With each purchase made with the virtual card, a new CVV and card number will be generated for the security of the customer’s data.

What advantages does the Virtual Cash Credit Card offer?

The advantages available for the virtual credit card are as follows:

  • Being able to use up to three virtual cards with your cardholder name at the same time;
  • Give a nickname to each card to facilitate identification;
  • Copy number and name to paste on the website where you are making the purchase;
  • The customer can change the virtual card limit to the same physical card limit;
  • Delete the card whenever necessary.

In addition to these advantages, the virtual cash credit card is free, safe, practical and it is not necessary to release the card beforehand for use on international shopping sites.

How to apply for the Virtual Cash Credit Card?

To apply for a Caixa virtual credit card, you must have a Caixa account and credit card (your physical credit card does not need to have arrived at your residence to apply for the virtual one), open the Cartão Caixa application and go to the “virtual” tab. ” at the bottom of the screen and click on “request virtual card”.

Who can apply for the Virtual Cash Credit Card?

As mentioned before, you can apply for your virtual cashier credit card if you have one. bank account and you are the holder of the physical cashier credit card. The virtual card can be requested both by natural persons and by representatives of legal entities and be responsible for the cards.

Does the Caixa Virtual Credit Card have any fees?

You don’t have to worry about fees or annual fees for your virtual credit card. The Caixa Virtual Credit Card is completely free, with no annual fees and no fees or charges for using the card.

Where can I use the Virtual Cash Credit Card?

As stated earlier in the article, the virtual credit card is used for online purchases on websites and/or applications, due to its greater security with customer data, which can delete the card right after using it and then request another card for the next use when needed. Making the customer’s online purchases safer and with a much lower chance of data leakage.

Where can I use the Virtual Cash Credit Card

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That’s all you need to know about how the cashier’s virtual credit card works, the advantages of ease and security for the customer in their purchases over the internet, and how you can use it if you are interested in requesting your own virtual card.

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