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Margaux Dietz talks about the crisis in After five – “the worst time of my life”

After the influencer Margaux Dietz posted a video where she filmed a knocked-out man outside her front door, she was met with massive criticism. Now she talks in an interview with Tilde de Paula in “Efter fem” about the time after the incident.

Photo: TV4

After the publication of the Youtube film in November, Margaux was met with great criticism which led to her being reported to the police, reported to social services and she was also stripped of advertising work. The time after the incident was depicted, among other things, in a documentary on SVT and now she has also done an interview with Tilde de Paula in “Efter fem” who is not afraid to ask tough questions.

Photo: TV4

Had to face massive criticism

In the interview, Margaux says that the first period after the publication was extremely tough for her. “The first time was probably the worst time in my entire life,” she says in the interview. At the same time, she says that she has gotten through the hardest, came out stronger on the other side and that today she feels good. Tilde de Paula wonders in the interview why no one in the team around Margaux reacted to the video before it was published. “We have all learned a lot from this. But I feel that I take on the responsibility myself, since I recorded the video and published it,” Margaux answers the question.

The social services got in touch

After the publication of the video, she was reported to social services, something she describes as the hardest thing to deal with. Margaux says that the fact that sponsors left paled in relation to the reports to social services. “If you have anxiety about something, but then it comes back to your child, then it takes over everything. Then you ignore any sponsorship deals you have,” she explains in the interview. When asked if she was seriously afraid that her son would be taken away from her, she replies: “It felt like it.”

Documentary on SVT received criticism

Margaux also tells how SVT got in touch and wanted to follow her for a few days to portray the difficult time in a documentary. “It was a good platform to do it, then it was really scary. Everything had happened with the video, and they were going to shoot for almost eight to 10 days full time, and cut down to 40 minutes.” Margaux tells how she was forced to let go of control, but that at the same time it was a way for her to be able to tell her story and her view of what had happened. Although the documentary has received some criticism, Margaux says in the interview that she thinks it turned out well.

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Thinking about what she wants to do with the platform

Margaux also says in the interview that, after reflecting for three months, she will use social media in a different way in the future. Among other things, she has decided that her son Arnold will no longer participate. She has also decided not to do any collaborations in the near future. When Tilde asks some tough questions about whether there are still people who want to do advertising collaborations with Margaux, she replies that several clients have contacted her, but that she doesn’t feel ready. Instead, she wants to live on saved money and think about how she will use the platform in the future. Among other things, she wants to continue working with issues surrounding mental illness among young people, “various charity projects, but above all focus on young people”, she says in the interview.

When Tilde asks about Margaux’s view of humanity, which has been questioned after the incident, she answers: “I know who I am, and no one else can decide who I am or not, and I know what kind of person I am. I would never want to hurt anyone else.”

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