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Linnea Widmark about ex Benjamin Ingrosso’s songs: “Sick that it’s about me”

When Linnea Widmark recently guested on the podcast Two meters of nonsense she commented on the fact that her ex Benjamin Ingrosso has written several songs about her. “Of course it’s special,” she says in the podcast according to The Express.

Photo: Instagram @benjamingrosso/linneawidmark

In 2019, the influencer Linnea Widmark and the artist Benjamin Ingrosso went their separate ways after six years together. After the breakup, Widmark moved to Costa Rica, where she lived for a period with her then-boyfriend.

“He was my surf instructor. Very stereotypical, but it happened,” Linnea told us in a vlog at the end of 2021. “There was also a lot of ups and downs between us for a very long time. It took a while before it became stable and very good. I fell in love with both Santa Teresa and him.”

“Very sick”

Widmark has now returned to Sweden, but the time abroad has left its mark on Swedish pop culture. One of Ingrosso’s songs, “Costa Rica”, is about her – and it is not the only song about their relationship.

In the podcast Two meters of nonsense with Rosanna Charles and Emilio Araya, Widmark tells how she sees it all:

“It’s an incredible honor, it’s very special in a nice way. But then it’s also very sick that it’s about me, about us – and that everyone can listen to it,” she says in the podcast according to The Express.

Later she adds:

“I want to say he’s amazing and a musical genius, such a talent, but of course it’s special to hear songs about yourself everywhere.”

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