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KO bans Bianca Ingrosso from doing unbranded advertising

The influencer, TV personality and entrepreneur Bianca Ingrosso has now been banned from posting unbranded advertising for the make-up company Caia Cosmetics on social media – and risks having to pay a large sum if she violates the ban, it says The evening paper.

Photo: Instagram @biancaingrosso

The Consumer Ombudsman has, after an examination, banned Bianca Ingrosso from publishing unmarked advertising in social media, it says The evening paper.

May be forced to pay SEK 750,000

Bianca Ingrosso’s company Caia Cosmetics has on several occasions been the subject of cases with the Advertising Ombudsman, RO.

On one occasion, in the fall of 2021, Caia was charged with unclear advertising after Ingrosso’s assistant at the time, Lovisa Worge, had posted a video on Instagram that turned out to be advertising for the company.

It was the sixth time in just two years that Caia had been convicted of unclear advertising identification.

Now KO has decided that Ingrosso must clearly label all posts promoting Beauty Icons AB/Caia Cosmetics on social media. If she fails to do this, she may have to pay SEK 750,000.

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