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Is MEI entitled to FGTS and to the various other benefits of ordinary workers?

The MEI is a modality widely used in our country to regulate jobs considered autonomous. And with that, many people have the thought of opening but are afraid of some benefits that workers with a formal contract have, for example.

One of the doubts is whether there is a possibility of having the FGTS as MEI, with the contribution of your taxes on a regular basis. And this doubt depends on some important factors that we must take into account.

What this article covers:

Is MEI entitled to FGTS?

As we know, the FGTS is made available to those who work in the CLT modality. So, in a way, the MEI is not entitled to the FGTS, but that does not mean that the person who owns the CNPJ is not entitled if he has previously worked in this form.

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So, for those who have a MEI, and have previously worked with a formal contract, without being fired for just cause, they can receive the amounts owed in full, as the modality does not interfere with bureaucratic issues prior to opening a self-employed person.

MEI is entitled to FGTS and what other benefits of the common worker?

As previously seen, MEI holders do not have the benefit of FGTS with the modality, but for having worked with CLT before. But there are several benefits of a common worker, which the CNPJ can also provide.

As we know, the individual micro-entrepreneur makes the monthly payments of the taxes notified by the government. And these amounts guarantee, for example, retirement or disability leave.

The MEI can retire and contribute as well as a common CLT worker, being able to benefit from all the rights that the laws also guarantee to the self-employed.

What other benefits is the MEI entitled to?

With the payment of taxes up to date, the Microentrepreneur also has the right, for example, to sickness aid, if he has any condition that prevents him from carrying out his work. The post-mortem pension, if the family dies, is entitled to receive a certain amount for a pre-established time.

The micro-entrepreneur is the best modality for those who want to work on their own and not be left out of the various benefits that the law guarantees. So for those who have an informal modality, formalizing this is certainly the best option.

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