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How to make a deposit at Banco do Brasil?

The deposit at Banco do Brasil, despite being used for a long time, still causes some doubts, which mainly involve issues related to the deposit term and the different ways to make this deposit.

This article will resolve all your doubts and clarify important information regarding the deposit at Banco do Brasil.

What this article covers:

Deposit at Banco do Brasil

At Banco do Brasil you can use three ways to make your deposit, they are:

  • Deposit in envelope through cash;
  • Deposit in envelope with check;
  • Deposit without an envelope, directly at the ATM.

Therefore, simply choose the best form of deposit at Banco do Brasil that fits your profile.

Deposit at Banco do Brasil directly at the cashier: opening hours

One of the most common ways, despite the increasing use of technology, is to make a deposit directly at the cashier. And Banco do Brasil, in turn, offers this option in different ways to its customers.

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The opening hours for deposits differ from the opening hours for withdrawals. At Banco do Brasil branches, deposits can be made between 6 am and 6 pm. It is necessary to pay attention to the term of each type of direct deposit in the cashier, as there is a variation.

Deposit at Banco do Brasil by envelope: how it works

The deposit through the envelope at Banco do Brasil can be made in two ways: with cash and with a check.

With the cash deposit option, which corresponds to the yellow envelope, it is possible to deposit up to R$5,000.00, with a maximum amount of 50 bills.

The check deposit, which has the blue envelope, allows the deposit of R$50,000.00, with a maximum of 50 checks.

How long does it take for the envelope to be deposited into the account?

Regarding the deadline, the cash deposit by envelope, if made by 4 pm, will fall on the same day. After 4pm, the deadline is one business day.

For the deposit by check, if made before 4 pm, the deadline is 72 hours. After that time, the deadline becomes 4 days.

To make an immediate deposit at the ATM, you must go to a Banco do Brasil branch or to a Banco 24horas teller, but you must check whether the Banco 24horas teller offers this option, as some do not yet are enabled.

In this type of deposit, only banknotes are allowed and it is necessary that they are not crumpled or with any other type of damage.

How long does it take for the BB Electronic Immediate Deposit to arrive in the account?

This deposit option at Banco do Brasil is considered by many to be a kind of “Pix”, as the money is deposited in the account within minutes after the deposit. Therefore, it appears as a great option for those who are on the street and have some instability on their cell phone, for example.

How to open an account at Banco do Brasil?

To open an account at Banco do Brasil, you have a few options, such as opening it through a branch or creating your account through the Banco do Brasil application.

Opening an account at the agency will ask for the following documents: CPF, RG, proof of residence and even your birth certificate. It is necessary that you take all the requested documents, so as not to waste a trip to the agency.

How to open an account at Banco do Brasil

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To open your account through the application, you just need to download the application and go to the “Open account” option. After filling in all the requested data, just wait for the answer from the Bank of Brazil🇧🇷

Despite the digital world allowing some modifications in relation to how we carry out transfers and payments, the deposit is still a widely used method, especially for those who received the money in cash and want to deposit it in their account.

The deposit at Banco do Brasil can be made in a variety of ways, leaving it up to the customer to choose the one that will please him or her and make their day-to-day life easier.

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