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Health at Home connects your Apple Watch to your doctor

Health Home healthcare center will be the first in Europe to use Apple Watch sensors to detect and prevent serious diseases. For people with cardiovascular diseases, this can be life-changing. The improved sensors in the Apple Watch have given doctors access to completely new methods of saving lives.

Hälsa Hemma has integrated Apple Watch technology into its app so patients can measure EKG, heart rate and oxygen saturation. The technique is helpful in detecting potentially serious heart problems, especially if the patient is experiencing symptoms from the heart. According to Fabian Ruben, tech geek and specialist in general medicine at Hälsa Hemma, the Apple Watch can answer certain questions just as well as traditional EKG devices. Although the technology is less precise, it provides valuable information to doctors.

A pilot project was started last autumn and it has proved to be successful enough to now be able to offer it to all patients. The technology has made it significantly easier for doctors to initiate measurements and it has proven valuable to patients. After the measurements are taken, the doctor can determine if a physical meeting with the patient is required to take a traditional EKG or other tests that can provide more information about the patient’s health.

– We have many elderly patients who have received smart watches from their children, and I would like to make a difference so that this relatively cheap technology can detect serious illness in time. The watches can also alarm in the event of falls, which is very common among our elderly, says Fabian Ruben, specialist in general medicine at Hälsa Hemma.

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