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Hailey Bieber suffered from ovarian cyst ‘as big as an apple’

After a difficult year, Hailey Bieber tells us that she has now suffered from a painful ovarian cyst. “I’ve had ovarian cysts a few times and it’s never fun,” she writes on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram @haileybieber

On Monday, Hailey Bieber shared a health problem in her story on Instagram: she has suffered from an ovarian cyst. In a selfie where the model holds up her shirt to show her slightly bulging stomach, she has written:

“I have an ovarian cyst the size of an apple. I don’t have endometriosis or PCOS but I’ve had ovarian cysts a few times and it’s never fun.”

Hailey, who in the photo jokingly points out that the slight bulge is not a baby, also talks about her symptoms:

“It’s painful and makes me nauseous and swollen, gives me cramps and makes me emotional.”

Suffered from a blood clot in the brain

The ovarian cyst isn’t the first health issue Hailey has been hit with this year. In March, she suffered a blood clot in her brain, which was likely due to three contributing factors: a long round trip to Paris, the fact that during this time she was recovering from Covid-19, and that she had recently started using p -pill.

After the incident, Hailey gave a word of warning to her fans:

“If you suffer from severe migraines and plan to use birth control pills, be sure to tell your doctor, because stroke is a potential side effect.”

Hailey’s husband, Justin Bieber, has also had health-related problems this year. In June, he contracted Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a virus-related illness that paralyzed parts of his face.

What are ovarian cysts?

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled cysts that in most cases are part of ovulation. The cysts usually disappear on their own and usually do not require treatment. That ovarian cysts are caused by cancer is unusual and rarely occurs before menopause.

Symptoms of ovarian cysts may include abdominal pain, a feeling of pressure or heaviness in the abdomen, a need to urinate more often, pain deep in the abdomen during intercourse, or feeling a lump in the lower abdomen.

If you think you have cysts on the ovaries, you should contact a health center or gynecologist – read more here The care guide’s website!

Source: The care guide

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