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Farmer seeks wife – around the world 2023: Here are all the farmers who participate

In this year’s Farmer seeks wife – around the world takes it off to Greece and the USA, among other places. Here are the farmers searching for the big love in the show.

Photo: TV4

In TV4’s Farmer seeks wife – around the world allows viewers to follow Swedish farmers who live and work abroad, and their search for love. Now TV4 has released the names of the farmers participating in this year’s edition of the program.

Anders Lindqvist, trotting trainer in France

Trotting trainer Anders, 70 years old, lives in Grosbois in France. He is looking for a woman who likes a fast pace – but preferably not too early in the morning – and shares his interest in food and travel. An interest in taking a trip to Paris from time to time is a plus!

Photo: TV4

Dino, olive farmer in Greece

The olive farmer Dino is 49 years old and lives in Rhodes, Greece. He has a fondness for the sea and loves to go sailing. His dream woman is independent, has an inner drive – and of course also likes to go boating.

Photo: TV4

Christopher, wine farmer in the United States

Swedish-born Chris is 25 years old and grew up in Napa Valley in California. It is also here that he is active as a wine farmer. His dream girl is smart, charming, and adventurous.

Photo: TV4

Arnaud, pig farmer in France

54-year-old Arnaud lives in Provins, ten miles outside Paris. Although he was born in France, he has lived in Sweden for four years and loves Swedish culture. In addition, he has two children with his Swedish ex-wife. He has been single for five years and is now looking for someone with whom he can dream about the future.

Photo: TV4

Do you want the chance to date one of the farmers in “Farmer Seeks Wife – Around the World”? Then you can apply for the program here! The deadline for applications is March 20.

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