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Did you know that the Apple symbol on your iPhone is a button? Here’s how to activate it!

Did you know that the Apple symbol on the back of your iPhone doesn’t just fulfill an aesthetic function? Here’s the iPhone trick that many people don’t know!

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Do you have an iPhone? Then you should continue reading. There is a hidden function of the Apple symbol that adorns the back of the phone – something that we dare to guess most people are not aware of.

How to use the Apple symbol as a button

The function in question is called “Back Tap” in English, i.e. “press on the back”, and was introduced by Apple as a function in iOS 14 in September 2020. It simply means that you can use the Apple symbol as a button on the iPhone 8 and subsequent models.

By following the instructions below, you can quickly and easily start using the symbol to, among other things, take screenshots, switch between apps, lock the screen, launch Siri, control the volume or open the camera, all with the help of a double-click or triple-click on the Apple symbol. And yes, it should work even with the mobile cover on!

Do this:

1. Enter the Settings.

2. Enter the Print under the section Physics and motor skills.

3. Scroll to the bottom, and select on Press on the back.

4. There you can set two different commands – one if you press twice quickly on the back, and one if you press three times instead. Click on both and check out what features there are to choose from, and try the one that suits you best!

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