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Credit card for negative Cashier

Many people are looking for ways to get around the complicated financial situation, with inflation increasingly minimizing the purchasing power of Brazilians, it is necessary to find ways to close accounts at the end of the month, however, Caixa Econômica, has been offering a solution for those who are in need of a respite from their bills and their credit card is negative for Caixa, it may be a way out.

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Who can apply for a credit card for negative cashiers?

With two card options for those with negative credit cards, Caixa allows retirees and pensioners under the age of 75 to acquire the Caixa Simples card, under the Elo banner, the card offers several advantages, and can be used in several physical stores throughout Brazil and also through the Internet.

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Another credit card option for people with negative Caixa credit cards is the SIM card, which can be requested by people over 18 years of age, or 16 years of age, provided they are emancipated by their parents and can prove their income. The Caixa SIM card can be under the Elo or Visa brand, and thus have several advantages not only from the card but also from the brands.

How can I apply for a credit card for a negative account?

To apply for the Caixa Simples card, retirees or pensioners need to go to a Caixa branch, with personal documents and a benefit statement.

In the case of the Caixa SIM card, to request it you can go to a Caixa agency, also on the bank’s website just look for Card Simulator, fill out the request form, wait for the analysis and if approved you will receive the card at home, You can request an additional card when you need it.

What are the credit card requirements for negative cash?

These card options are exclusive to negatives, if you don’t have financial pending and registration with credit protection bodies, there are other more advantageous card options.

So the first requirement is to be negative, in the case of the Caixa Simples card, you need to be a retiree or pensioner from the INSS, who is under 75 years old, if you do not fit into this situation, there is the option of the Caixa SIM card, available to everyone Brazilians over 18 years of age, who, even if negative, have proof of income.

What is the credit card annual fee for negative cash?

The Caixa credit card, in both situations, has the advantage of being free of annual fees and, in addition, has exclusive advantages to help negative debt balance their accounts, such as installment payments and the possibility of making cash withdrawals .

How and where to apply for a credit card for negative cashiers?

For Caixa credit cards, the best option to apply is to go to one of the many Caixa branches. Caixa Econômica Federal, with personal documents, proof of address and income or INSS benefit statement, for retirees and pensioners. Another option to request is the Caixa website, through the Card Simulator option and also WhatsApp.

How and where to apply for a credit card for negative cashiers

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Many Brazilians are going through a delicate financial situation, and for this reason the number of negatives is high, which greatly hinders the consumption of many families, thinking about it, the credit card for negatives Caixa, appears as an option to help now, everyone who are looking for ways to break even financially.

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