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Bariatric surgery in Madrid: where, how and why?

Considering treating a problem of obesity is undoubtedly an important decision and if in your case it is a bariatric surgery in Madridand you do not know how or where to perform this operation, we bring you the solution.

Obesity affects our health in many ways, but mainly:

  • It is associated with a greater chance of developing a long list of diseases.
  • Reduces quality and life expectancy by about 10 years.

In this way, the reasons that answer the question of why undergo obesity surgery are extensive and varied?

Where to have obesity surgery in Madrid?

Once the decision is made, the most important factor is choosing the medical team.

The search for professionals or clinics specialized in Bariatric Surgery in a city like Madrid can give rise to many results. However, if you are wondering how to choose where to have obesity surgery in Madrid, we will explain some determining factors below:

  1. Proven professional medical team: Without a doubt, this is the most important point.
  • Keep in mind that the surgeon’s experience is one of the most important variables in weight loss results and how the whole process unfolds.
  • Make sure that the medical team is experienced. In our case, our specialists in Obesity Surgery in Madrid have extensive experience in techniques such as gastric tube or gastric bypass. Dr. Jesús Cañete, is responsible for our Bariatric Surgery unit in Madrid and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of bariatric surgery.

2. Pre-operative, post-operative and medical follow-up:

This is another determining factor when choosing where to have a stomach reduction in Madrid. Part of the good results respond to both the preparation of the patient before the intervention, the postoperative period and of course the long-term medical follow-up.

In Obymed We have extensive experience and the number of patients operated on that has allowed us to work on our own protocols applicable in our obesity clinic in Madrid.

Our exhaustive 2-year medical follow-up It is carried out by a multidisciplinary team of professionals (nutritionist, psychologist, doctors and sports trainer) that allows to consolidate the necessary changes so that the patient leaves obesity behind.

Both monitoring and intervention are carried out in person at our obesity clinic in Madrid.

Bariatric surgery in Madrid. How to treat obesity with surgery?

In some cases, obesity surgery is the most appropriate alternative for people who have been fighting obesity for years and whose BMI is greater than 30.

In Obymed Madrid We seek excellence in the treatment of obesity with techniques such as:

These are proven techniques, with years of experience and whose complication rates have been reduced to very low levels similar to those of other relatively common interventions, such as an appendicitis operation.

Each technique has specific indications. Weight loss also differs depending on the technique, with 50% of the excess weight being the minimum loss.

For all of the above, if you are thinking of undergoing obesity in Madrid Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can explain in all kinds of detail how we can help you lose weight and gain health.

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