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9 Ways to Quickly Detect Diabetes and Its Symptoms

Diabetes is a disease characterized by affect insulin levels in the bodyand consequently to blood sugar levels.

As for its symptoms, most are not very obvious or are harmless, however, if this disease is not treated it can reduce the quality of life and also weaken the body through the appearance of other secondary diseases such as kidney failure.

For this, it is important to detect it in time. this condition has two types. Type 1 diabetes, which is when the body is unable to produce insulin on its own and for this it has to inject insulin regularly.

In the case of type 2, what happens is that the body does not produce enough insulin or use it properly, which is usually the result of an unhealthy diet or lack of exercise. Pay attention to the symptoms which we are going to detail.

9 Ways to detect diabetes as soon as possible

1- Quick weight loss

This can be due to dehydration caused by diabetes or also because the body already cannot use glucose for energyThat’s why it uses the fat and muscle that it burns.

2- blurred vision


If you do not have vision problems, it is normal for you to see perfectly. If everything is correct and you still continue feeling eye problems it may be due to diabetes. This disease causes the lens of the eye to swell and change shape due to high blood sugar levels.

When diabetes is treated, vision returns to normal and it stops looking blurry. But if a solution to this condition is not sought, it can cause blindness.

3- Excessive hunger


The body does not produce enough insulin and it can’t convert food into glucose that cells use for energy. This hunger is characterized because it persists even if you eat.

4- Constant tiredness


This can be a symptom of increased kidney activity and also a lack of energy from not being able to absorb glucose. The body is weaker And if you combine it with lack of sleep or excess caffeine, you will most likely feel fatigued.

5- Many cardinals

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If you get bruises for no reason, especially on the neck, armpits, groin, hamstrings or similar places, it may be a sign of altered levels blood sugar

6- Strange skin


If you notice that your skin is strange and that it is sometimes irritated, it may be due to this condition. As there is not enough insulin in the body, and excess sugar is eliminated in the urine, the skin is quite dry.

7- Numbness


Decreased blood circulation can cause tingling and even numbness in the hands and feet. The further away the heart zones are, the more will be affected.

8- Slow healing of wounds

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if the wounds they take a long time to heal It can be a sign of diabetes as high blood sugar increases inflammation of the wounds and poor blood circulation occurs.

9- Very thirsty and desire to urinate


This is because when you have diabetes, the kidneys do not absorb all the excess sugar and that ends up in the urine, also taking fluids from other tissues with it. With this you feel dehydrated, which makes you want to drink more and therefore also need to go to the bathroom more.

In general, nothing happens to have 1 symptombut if several are combined you should go to your doctor and have the tests carried out as soon as possible.

Did you know these evidences? Do you know someone who suffers from diabetes?

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