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Alessia, -30 kg with the Red Apple diet

Alessia lost 30 kg thanks to the Red Apple diet. Enthusiastically, she tells us about her experience and what her new life is like.

Alessia is a nurse and her work is very demanding from a physical, mental and psychological point of view. She requires large amounts of energy. Her extra kilos made her life difficult and fatigued, causing moments of discouragement and low energy.

If you have been overweight for a long time, you no longer remember what it is to feel good and like yourself. This is what happened to Alessia, until one day her personal trainer suggested the Red Apple diet. She immediately felt that things can change.

With this diet, in fact, the menu is full of foods that you love so much. Starting a journey with Melarossa seemed easy to him. And besides, you couldn’t believe it, with this diet you eat a lot and lose weight constantly. A real find.

“At first I couldn’t believe it, but luckily I tried anyway: Red Apple all my life!”

a new menu

What he values ​​most about this diet is that he likes to eat Red Apple style, playing with the menu, maintaining the right nutritional balance. She likes to experiment, to challenge herself on a daily basis.

And so a plate of beans and spinach becomes vegetable meatballs. Try new flavors, have fun in the kitchen. Everything is new, constant discoveries, rediscovered energy.

A diet that always makes you feel active and enthusiastic.

“This is a diet without deprivation, which always makes you feel full of energy and desire to do!”

Switch in and then out

Red Apple has changed Alessia in the truest sense of the word. A gradual change, first on the outside and then on the inside. Now the approach to the outside world is oriented towards the search for well-being on several fronts.

From healthy cooking, through the desire for aesthetic improvement, to the achievement of personal safety. And only when you have more confidence in yourself and esteem yourself more, the results obtained are lasting over time.

Alessia looks to the future with greater determination.

“This is a good job with myself, with Red Apple I’m trying to reach my mental strength!”

vitality returns

Even at work, she, who loves her job as a nurse, feels that she has found a new vitality. The more energy, the easier it is to take turns.

Also very helpful was the support and advice from the Facebook group, which has never failed to support her.

So, first he cooks, he organizes himself, nothing escapes him. His goal was to endure, now everything seems much simpler and more linear.

“With this diet I always seek to improve, I feel on the right track!”

And life is lighter

You no longer have to go to plus size stores to shop. Now everywhere you can find your size and everything becomes more pleasant and cheerful. It is a path full of encouragement and success.

Because for Alessia, having reached her goal, it is now impossible to turn back.

“I’m fine, I’m happy and proud of myself, I wouldn’t go back for the world!”

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