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María Elena, -30 kg with the ManzanaRoja sandwich diet

The story of María Elena who lost 30 kg thanks to the ManzanaRoja sandwich diet. She is now more active, fitter and she feels younger!

At the age of 26, María Elena looks in the mirror and what she sees is the image of a woman at least twenty years older. She feels low on energy and spends most of her time lying on the couch. She is not happy with herself. She decides it’s time for a change. She discovers Apple Red by chance on social networks and in a short time it becomes her lifestyle. It is a different diet from the previous ones, a healthy diet but above all tasty.

“In my life of diets I have done many, but none like Red Apple!”

María Elena, -30 kg with the ManzanaRoja sandwich diet

He especially likes the sandwich diet. Comfortable, practical and fun, it gives you energy, more time for your days and new energy, discovering the pleasure of eating healthy, even when you have little time to cook. And among so many combinations and always different menus, rediscover forgotten flavors.

“I have always had a passion for good food and with ManzanaRoja, despite being on a diet, I never lost it!”

Lose weight without losing weight

With Manzanaroja you can manage the meals of the whole family well. And this is priceless because it allows you to share the path with those around you, not to be alone. And with the many substitutions, the menu changes every week. He was able to play with his diet in a serene and lively way. “Diet” is usually synonymous with sadness and sacrifice, but not Red Apple!

“This diet gave me the opportunity to experiment, it even took away some quirks!”

New habits and discoveries

And when the scale indicates that she is losing weight, she turns from an enemy into a beautiful ally. Even sport, never done before, becomes a fixed custom. ManzanaRoja has changed her habits: now she no longer spends her days on the sofa, but lives a much more active, dynamic life in contact with others, also thanks to her Facebook group. Today María Elena can say that she is happy and proud of herself, she feels good, she has more energy and now she rejects a sedentary lifestyle. María Elena, -30 kg with the ManzanaRoja sandwich diet!

“I went from being sedentary often on the couch, to playing sports and having energy to spare.”

twenty years less

Now when you go shopping, you know you’ll find your size. She looks in the mirror and sees someone else, younger, fitter. Red Apple is her new lifestyle. Being comfortable in her body and with her way of life is much more: it is loving oneself. She for the first time truly believed him.

“For the first time I really believed in myself and did it!”

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