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28 edible Easter eggs for Easter 2023 – from sweet to salty

Easter is a time for recovery, reflection, family time and not least… sweets! Below we list the best edible Easter eggs and a guide to making the egg hunt as exciting as possible, for the whole family.

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After a long and dark winter, it is high time to welcome spring and the light. Good food and delicious desserts put an extra golden edge on most things. Even if you can’t be many around the table this year, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add a little extra powder to the Easter celebration. So why not organize an extra exciting egg hunt to end the Easter dinner? We promise that it will be appreciated by the whole family.

So you celebrate with an exciting egg hunt

Send the kids (and adults too) on an exciting egg hunt with the help of Blue box.
Find good hiding places for the eggs.
Write your own clues or use the ready-made template.
Have participants read the first clue.
Then have them follow each step until they find the treasure!

You can download ready-made templates hereand empty templates huhr.

Below we list the best eggs to use for treasure hunting, for both young and old!

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