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10 Things you should avoid at dinner so as not to gain weight at night

There is a popular saying that ensures that you have to have breakfast like kings, eat like a prince and dine like a beggar.

Dinner is the poorest meal we should have, and we should not eat very late at night. Experts say that you should eat at least two hours before going to sleep.

Foods you should not eat at night before bed

1- Bread

It is a bit unavoidable if you arrive tired from work and the first thing you think about is making yourself a sandwich. Carbohydrates are not the most ideal for dinner, and if you eat them in excess, they can be stored as fat.

2- Lettuce


Although the idea of ​​salads at night is very widespread, lettuce is quite indigestible. Your stomach can swell and produce gas. If your routine is to eat salad at night, keep doing it, but omit the lettuce.

3- Garlic


Do not eat it raw, it can be quite difficult to digest. It is better that you get used to removing garlic from your dinners if you add them whole to your stews. Still, there are people who spread it on bread or cut it into tiny pieces, that’s fine!

4- Onion


Like garlic, raw onion is a food that hinders digestion and it is better that you eat it at another time of the day.

5- Paste


Carbohydrates in sight! You must eat them out for dinner and put them aside for the night. Try eating vegetable hydrates for dinner instead of these types of meals, they will surely give you results.

6- Rice


It is not necessary that you always eliminate carbohydrates, but rice is another of the foods that we usually eat as a resource when we have nothing planned. In small quantities It shouldn’t be a problem, but don’t overdo it.

7- Pizza


If you want pizza for dinner, try not to make one that you buy frozen at the grocery store. Buy the dough and add your own ingredients, even if they are lightsbetter. It’ll take you a little longer but it will look great on you.

8- Mushrooms


Surprisingly, they are a food that you should not take at night since they are very difficult for the stomach to process. You can take them in moderate amounts as a garnish for a dish, but not to give yourself a great tribute.

9- Fried


Of course, nothing fried. Out fries, battered and breaded. Avoid anything that carries excess oil that you later regret when you step on the scale. Eye! vegetable chips they get fatter than you think, find out well.

10- Refreshments


Not only are they fattening if you take them at dinner, but they are also fattening at any meal. They swell your belly and increase your blood sugar levels. From time to time it is not bad that you eat one, but try to eat dinner with water, it is much healthier.

Do you eat any of these foods at night? Do you go to bed right after dinner?

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