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10 Everyday events that can cause mental disorders

Talking about a mental disorder is, for many, talking about the unknown.

Many people think that you are already born with it and that at a certain moment in your life it appears, while Others believe that it can happen to anyone., but only after severe trauma. But the truth is that suffering from it is more common than it seems and we believe…

Things that can make you suffer from a mental disorder and play with your brain

1- Living alone

There are studies that show that people who live alone are more likely to be on antidepressant treatment.

2-Having a baby


We have all heard that having a baby can lead some women to postpartum depression. If this happens, the mother in question may have suicidal thoughts or, in the worst case, murderous instincts.

3- Feline parasites.


There is a feline parasite that can settle in a person’s brain. This you may suddenly find yourself doing strange or very reckless thingssuch as running on the road in front of cars.

4- Live somewhere with few hours of light


The disorder caused by sunlight is called ‘SAD’ or ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ and can make life very difficultbut there are ways to reduce the symptoms, such as buying light bulbs that emit a beam more similar to that which comes from the sun.

5- Bedbugs


Studies have shown that people affected by bed bugs may have symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia and anxiety. They can even produce a psychological response in some people just thinking about them.

6- Large commercial discounts


What we know as “going on sales” can cause great anxiety and there are studies in psychology that have revealed that some of the attendees to these sales periods, presented very obvious symptoms that they have a disorder.

7- Suffer a brain injury


Concussions can have long-lasting psychological effects. Medical studies carried out show that those affected, generally, show irregular emotions.

8- Overvalue children


Praising any child too much can cause serious personality disorders. Clap and praise a child for every little thing she does can end up making him not have friendssince he will believe that no one is “at his level”.

9- Being a passive smoker


Researchers have discovered that secondhand smoke makes you 50% more likely to suffer from psychological problems. It has also been found that for smokers, the risk of ending up in a psychiatric hospital quadrupled.

10- Suffer a car accident


A car accident can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder that can last over time. The affected person may have flashback episodes from the moment of the accident and develop some fear or panic.

Did you know these everyday attitudes that can lead to mental disorders? Do you know someone who has had any of these things happen to them in real life?

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