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10 Tricks and curiosities that could one day save your life when you need it

From a young age they teach you some basic guidelines to survive in the hostile world in which we grow up, but normally what your parents teach you are threats that, by the time you’re older, they’ll be gone and the ones that really matter are never shown to you.

If you want to survive in the modern world, you must learn these 10 tips to go through the world calmly and with the certainty that you will know how to act in a situation of mortal danger.

Everything you need to know to survive in the world

1- Is the snake poisonous?

Not all snakes are dangerous or poisonous, but you have to know how to distinguish them to act accordingly. Yeah the pupils are like a cat’s, flees. If the scales on the head are visibly different from those on the body, it is a venomous snake.

2- You don’t always have to put out the fire with water


If the fire has been produced by the combustion of oil, water is the worst enemy. In these cases air must be removed from the equationcovering the flare so that it is extinguished.

3- Always have chewing gum on hand


In addition to saving you from an uncomfortable situation because your breath doesn’t smell like it should, it can help you relax in a moment of stresscalm the appetite and endless other trifles.

4- Do not go looking at the mobile


Walking around the city while looking at your mobile poses a high risk to your safety and an astronomical challenge for your brain. If you do not want end up run over by some car, keep the mobile in your pocket.

5- The most dangerous moments of the flight


If you are terrified of flying, these are the moments in which you should worry, overcome these moments, you can rest easy. The critical moments are 3 minutes after takeoff and 8 minutes before landing.

6- The 3 minute rule

10 facts that could save your life and you need to know 02

no human being can live 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks Without food.

7- Maintain eye contact


If someone points a gun at youkeep eye contact with the attacker, it will be more difficult for him to shoot you.

8- In case of fire, body to ground


If there is a fire in the building and everything is full of smoke, crawl for the exit to breathe all the air you can. Smoke collects on the ceiling and by walking upright you can lose consciousness in the process.

9- Hands in the air


If you’re going down the stairs, take your hands out of your pocketsif you fall, you will have them at hand to stop the fall, otherwise your face will stop the blow.

10- Know how to ask for help


If you feel unwell at a public event and you have to ask for helpbe sure to ask someone in particular, do not yell for help go to a person in particular.

Do you know more tricks to survive in your day to day? Will you incorporate them into your life from now on?

share it with all your friends so they are prepared for life!

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