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10 Embarrassing moments that we have all experienced with our partner

When we are in love everything is very beautiful, our stomachs fill with flying butterflies and a multitude of happy animals run around us.

Well, we are sorry to tell you that love is not how it has been painted in Snow White, but there are really embarrassing and not pretty moments.

Life as a couple is not like a fairy tale

1- The furtive fart

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This is one of the most embarrassing, but most unavoidable moments. Let’s see, we all fart, it’s something natural, but nobody wants the pristine image that our crush has of us to be broken in a matter of seconds.

One day you let your guard down and you are so comfortable that you throw a little innocent gas which almost killed your partner and the entire neighborhood. That day comes, we assure you.

2- The morning face and breath


Unless you live in a constant movie, the most likely thing is that wake up like a zombie and that your breath smells like when you haven’t taken out the garbage in three days and you’ve eaten fish.

3- Night snoring


Your partner idealizes you sees you as a being of light and puritybut one day you make the mistake of going to sleep with him and he realizes that you could perfectly be a descendant of Satan from the sounds you make when you’re asleep.

4- When you vomit in front

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This is a classic. You are partying with your friends and your partner, after a couple of “hihi” and “haha”, comes the dreaded “these shots do not go up” and in the end you end up throwing up on his new shoes or his favorite shirt.

5- They catch you in the act

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The culmination of shame is this event that only happens to some lucky ones and that is that they catch you having relationships. If a stranger catches you, it’s embarrassing. but no one dies. The problem is when your parents or theirs catch you.

6- Acute colitis


You have gone to eat at an Indian and it was pretty good, but when you get home the power of the toilet absorbs you because your body can’t even hold a grain of rice inside. Your poor partner has to put up with listening to you break down in the next room. very sexy

7- When you spit something

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You are eating and it turns out that your partner is quite funny and you laugh a lot, until a piece of what you are eating falls on his face. At least, we hope you like the food and don’t be allergic.

8- Catch him in his intimate moments


You can catch your partner masturbating or doing big water, whatever it is, it’s going to be a pretty awkward moment for both of you. We recommend that you buy a latch for your house or that you ask before entering the bathroom.

9- You get your name confused


This situation is somewhere between embarrassing and being the cause of a real fight, all depending on what name you call it. if you call him by the name of your previous partner The most normal thing is that you sleep on the sofa. If you get confused and call him like a relative, it will be one more anecdote.

10- Have relationships and the red one comes


Let’s see, with the red we do not mean that while you are making love the Spanish Soccer Team will personally go to see your work. No, we mean that the rule is going to sneak up so that everything is dyed under a warm red cloak that will make you die of shame.

Have any of these situations happened to you? Which of them do you find most embarrassing?

ohshare with your partner and friends to laugh for a while!

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