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4 Things you should take according to the blood group you have

Normally we think that following a diet is just a method to lose weight, but the reality is that following a diet adapted to our lifestyle can provide us with incredible benefits.

We all know that there are many types of diets, each specialized in some aspect.

Although most of the time they are used to lose weight, there are diets followed by those people who are intolerant to some foods, or who want to strengthen some deficiency in their body, but did you know that there are diets that depend on your blood group? ?.

Dr. Peter J. D’Adamos shows in his guide the strengths and weaknesses of following a diet according to your blood group.

Do not wait any longer and find out below what is the perfect diet for your body according to your blood group!

blood group A

According to the guide created by Dr. Peter, people belonging to this blood group have a structured and orderly life.

Those who are Group A strive for a peaceful state of mind and try to associate with positive and calm people.

Sometimes they get stressed easily, which can trigger hormonal imbalances.

Suggested diet for people in Group A

You eat as your blood group needs 01

People in Group A will benefit from following a pure and simple diet, accompanied by light exercise.

A diet full of vegetables will be perfect for them and will help reduce natural health risk factors such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems.

It can be hard to substitute some meat for protein from vegetables, but over time it will help soothe and nourish their more delicate immune systems.

Group A people should try to incorporate more fruits, vegetables and legumes into their diet.

blood group B

You eat as your blood group needs 03

The most special characteristic of Group B people is that they are extremely adaptable and can live under constantly changing conditions.

They are usually the least stubborn and stubborn in their environment, they are open-minded and are able to see the pros and cons of situations.

Group B people produce higher cortisol levels when stressed, and are slightly more prone to autoimmune diseases.

However, when these types of people decide to practice a healthy lifestyle, they almost always end up having fewer risk factors than other blood types, leading to a better physical and mental condition.

Suggested diet for people in Group B

You eat as your blood group needs 04

Group B people are foodies. However, in order to optimize the metabolic process and to avoid consequences such as fatigue and fluid retention, they should avoid eating corn, hazelnuts and wheat.

To maintain healthy blood sugar levels, especially after meals, you should increase your intake of vegetables, eggs, and low-fat dairy products in your diet.

When it comes to meat, chicken can be a bit of a problem, even though it is a lean meat, chicken contains a binder in its tissue that can cause bloodstream problems.

For this type of person, it is preferable to replace chicken with other meats such as lamb.

blood group O

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Of all the blood types, Type O’s have the best ability to digest protein, fat, and calcium, as they tend to have a higher amount of chemicals and digestive enzymes that aid their absorption.

However, they have a drawback, they are more prone to suffer from some diseases or disorders such as ulcers or thyroid glands, and they tend to have a predisposition to have higher acid levels in the stomach.

Suggested diet for people in Group O

You eat as your blood group needs 07As with the other blood types, the key is managing stress levels. Group O people are more impulsive and temperamental, they are capable of experiencing euphoric and dramatic feelings in a short time.

For these types of people, a high-protein diet of lean meats, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruits is more convenient.

Do not abuse wheat, dairy products or beans and try to avoid caffeine and alcohol so as not to increase your adrenaline levels.

AB blood group

You eat as your blood group needs 09Finally, Group AB people have an extremely rare blood group, they are found in less than 5% of the entire population, in fact, until about 10 centuries ago there was no one with that blood group.

This type of blood is the result of the mixture of other types, and not of the evolution of the blood. Therefore, those of type AB share the same characteristics and strengths as those of type A and B.

Most of the time, they tend to have mixed feelings and attitudes when they face a situation. They usually like to meet new people and are very open, however they can feel isolated or cut off from others at times. Normally they tend to be very intuitive, emotional, passionate and empathetic people.

Suggested diet for people in Group AB

You eat as your blood group needs 06

Type AB have the lowest levels of stomach acid, but are the least efficient at metabolizing protein, which can be stored as fat.

It is advisable that they avoid alcohol and caffeine, especially when under stress.

It is convenient that they also incorporate vegetables and seafood into their daily diet, avoiding smoked or cured meats, since they can be harmful for people with low stomach acidity.

It is also advisable to eat frequent and small meals throughout the day in order to metabolize food more efficiently.

You know, know your blood group to know yourself better!

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