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6 essential tips for grooming your eyebrows at home

Getting your eyebrows done at home is an option to stay beautiful. If you want to know how to do it, follow our tips and rock it.

Groom your eyebrows at home it is an option to feel more beautiful, in addition to being a way to take care of yourself without spending a lot of money. However, before getting to work, it is important that you keep in mind that some expertise is required to do your own eyebrows.

In this sense, if you’ve never tried making them yourself, check out some tutorials and follow our tips before venturing out. It’s just that, as you know, the eyebrows are the frame of the face. And therefore, it is important not to make mistakes.

That’s why, and because we want you to feel even more beautiful, if you think you’re not capable of doing a good job, it’s best to go into the hands of a professional.

6 tips for getting your eyebrows done at home

First of all, and before starting to treat the eyebrows themselves, it is important that you wash your face well, and dry it properly.

The idea is that the skin is clean and free of any impurities. This is also a good time to sanitize and disinfect the tweezers and scissors you are going to use.


Decide what type of eyebrow suits your face best

Depending on the shape of your face, you will have to decide what shape your eyebrow should be. It’s just that, there are eyebrow shapes that work better on one type of face than another.

So, if you own a longer facebet on straighter eyebrows and curved at the tip.

Already if your face is in heart shapethe ideal is to bet on eyebrows more rounded.

For everyone who has a oval facethe best thing is that the eyebrow is more archedin order to create visual harmony.

is the owner of a round face? So bet on eyebrows slightly angled.

you already have one squarer facehow much more angular the eyebrow, the better.

This step is crucial for your eyebrows to look beautiful and professional.

Thus, you will need to put a pencil to your nose and define the starting point of the eyebrow, the curve (which will be the highest point) and the end of the eyebrow.

Below is an image of how to do it. If you have less experience grooming your eyebrows at home, mark the points with the pencil to make sure you don’t make a mistake when plucking the hairs.

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Remove hair with tweezers

Now that you know how you want your eyebrows to look, just remove the excess hair with the tweezers. The idea is that the end result is the one he designed.

But when it’s time to remove the hair, don’t get carried away by enthusiasm: take it easy. It’s just that taking out more hair, in addition to being irreversible, can leave your eyebrows looking unnatural.


Trim the longest hairs

If you have hair that is too long and unruly, which insists on getting out of the “design” you want, you can and should trim it with scissors.

But before doing so, comb your eyebrows to make sure you cut the hairs.


apply moisturizing cream

Throughout the entire process of fixing your eyebrows at home, and depending on whether your skin is more sensitive or not, it is likely that the area in question will turn red. So always finish off by hydrating your skin well with a fat cream.

Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial, so that it is easier to visualize all the tips we gave you earlier.

The more practice you have, the easier it becomes. So, know that at first it can be difficult, but over time, getting your eyebrows at home will become your moment, when you pamper and take care of yourself.

If you like, you can even include the act of plucking your eyebrows in your monthly home spa. Remember that it is crucial to continue to take care of yourself, for the sake of your self-esteem.

Article originally published November 2021. Updated September 2022.

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