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What to wear for a romantic dinner?

When choosing what to wear for a romantic dinner, the choice can be challenging. Check out the tips and get a rocking look.

Be the first date, be the hundredth, decide what to wear to a romantic dinner it can be a challenging task.

And if the occasion can leave you with nerves on edge and butterflies in your stomach, the last thing on your list of worries should be what to wear.

Whether you are planning a more relaxed dinner after a trip to the cinema, or whether you have a table booked at that restaurant trendy Michellin-starred, there’s no need to send frantic messages on Whatsappasking your group of friends for tips, because we have the solution for you.

Ready to rock?

What to wear to dinner for two

When deciding what to wear to a romantic dinner it’s important that you wear something that makes you feel good and confident, and that you avoid running away from your style or wearing pieces that may make you uncomfortable.

We know you’ll want to make a good impression, but don’t forget that the best looks are created with clothes, accessories and makeup that make us feel good and powerful.

For casual dining

Deciding what to wear to a casual dinner can be more difficult than a more sophisticated one for one reason: feeling too dressed up.

Give preference to pieces with classic cuts and avoid the more vibrant colors and lots of prints.

A casual dress, like this one from Zara, is a great option to wear, paired with classic pumps or ankle boots.


The tip to give up in the look is to bet not only on accessories, but also on different models of pants and shirts. Don’t be afraid to switch from skinny models to flared trousers for an even more stylish look.

Also choose a blouse or shirt with small details, such as lace, frills or cutouts.

You can also wear jeans or leather pants with a t-shirt and a blazera leather coat or a great coat full of charm.
If you want to escape traditional jeans, how about betting on a waxed pair?


for a first date

It’s normal to feel both excited and nervous about a first date. What to wear will carry the spirit of the night, so you should wear something casual yet elegant. This first impression will be the one that will mark and that will remain in the memory.

Highlight the features you like most about yourself without making them too revealing. High and defined waists always create the impression of a slimmer and more elegant figure.

Play with materials and textures, bet on more neutral tones, but be sure to add an accessory that adds joy and personality to the look – such as a colored scarf or golden rings.


For a more casual style, combine your favorite jeans with a feminine top and ankle boots. If you prefer a more sophisticated look, a black dress with heels, or a skirt and blouse are also a safe bet.

One look monochrome it can be a great option and no mistake for a first date, especially when you don’t know what to wear. The options here are endless and you can create countless variations according to your personal style and the occasion.

For a sophisticated dinner

Dining in a sophisticated restaurant is always a special occasion, even more so on a romantic date.

satin parts are a suitable option and fit perfectly for the occasion. Don’t be afraid to use them on colder days, combining a satin dress with a blazer or above all.

Bet on sober and plain pieces, and add long earrings and a small bag for an elegant and sophisticated look.


Jeans are also allowed on this occasion, however you must pay attention to the cut and washing. Avoid wearing ripped or light denim pants. Give preference to dark denim and wear them with a feminine blouse or top and high heels.

If you want to risk productions with some shine, they are also an option for you. To the sequins or metallic pieces have already proven that they can compose looks versatile and less classic. Bear in mind that these pieces must be combined with other more neutral ones, so that it results in a cohesive and harmonious look.

What do you think of our tips on what to wear for a romantic dinner? Remember that the important thing is that you feel good and confident. What you wear will be a reflection of your mood and attitude.

But now that we’ve saved you some time, take the opportunity to relax before the big date and have a nice dinner!

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