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the paradise of beaches, morna and cachupa

Cape Verde is a true paradise and the ideal destination for those who want to relax from the tasks of everyday life. Have you booked a vacation yet?

Cape Green it is a country very focused on tourism and it is in this area that the foundations of its economy lie.

The warm climate practically all year round (even if there are some showers), the dreamlike nature that provides absolutely memorable landscapes and its important cultural richness (with particular emphasis on music) are just some of the reasons that make this a destination of election for some exotic vacation or a very passionate honeymoon.

Cape Verde, a perfect destination for any occasion

Cape Verde is one of the members of Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries and has 540,000 inhabitants, spread over 10 volcanic islands, with stunning landscapes and an almost umbilical connection to Portugal and the Portuguese.

It was in the 15th century that Portuguese explorers discovered these beautiful lands, which at that time were uninhabited.

Today, this archipelago can prove to be a true paradise for the many tourists who visit its islands. Among the most sought after are Ilha Brava, Ilha da Boavista, Ilha de Santiago, Ilha de São Vicente or Ilha do Fogo.

What to see

one of the big experiences that you can have outside the magnificent beaches of Cape Verde is to know a vast historical and natural heritage. And the points of interest are countless.

  • visit the historic center of Ribeira Grande, the Old Town of Santiago (classified World Heritage by UNESCO);
  • go to Campo do Tarrafal, a place relevant to the history of Cape Verde and Portugal (in 1936, in the midst of Estado Novo, the Penal Colony of Tarrafal was created under the responsibility of the Portuguese Government);
  • explore other historic centers such as Praia or São Filipe, good places to discover some of the best of Cape Verde;
  • relax in Baía das Gatas or contemplate the unforgettable landscape in Monte Verde.

for those who love visit important spaces for the local culture, Cape Verde also offers several spaces of a religious nature, most of which show the Portuguese influence. There is no shortage of temples to visit.

  • Parish of Our Lady of Sorrows – Santa Maria;
  • Royal Fortress of São Filipe – Cidade Velha;
  • Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church – Cidade Velha;
  • Nossa Senhora da Conceição São Filipe Church;
  • Lady Compassion Chapel – Pedra de Lume;
  • Nossa Senhora da Graça Church – Praia.
Sea in Cape Verde
The magnificent beaches of Cape Verde leave no one indifferent

What to do

Boating is a great way to get to know Cape Verde, as you can even explore different islands. But there are still other things you can do on this island.

  • Going to Mindelo, where the fish market is a place that says a lot about Cape Verde;
  • Another truly unmissable opportunity is to listen to the famous Cape Verdean morna in a typical Mindelo café;
  • Opposite the Aparthotel Avenida, for example, you can buy traditional jewelery at Lucys, or buy clothes;
  • You can let yourself be tempted by incredible Capoeira rehearsals in the main square;
  • And, of course, a visit to the Pedra de Lume salt flats is a must.

Where to eat

a question is what to eat and another is where to eat. Well then, cachupa, one of the typical dishes of Cape Verde, can be found in most of the restaurants in this beautiful archipelago. You also shouldn’t miss the famous Cape Verdean lobster or tuna steak. As for the second question, where to eat, several locations that can be left as suggestions.

Elvis wasn’t just the king of rock. In Cape Verde it is also an emblematic space, where you can drink a delicious passion fruit caipirinha. Other good options are Americo’s restaurant, Ponta Preta, Barracuda, El Mirador Boa Vista Restaurante, Caranguejo, The Bounty Beach Restaurant or Cize Bar.

Where to stay

There are some 5-star hotels that guarantee an excellent service for all those who are only satisfied with the best, namely the Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort (Santa Maria) and the Oasis Salinas Sea Resort (Santa Maria).

Both the Paradise Beach holiday home (Santa Maria) and the Private Apartment At Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa (Santa Maria, Sal), AJP Holidays – Tortuga Beach Resort 487 (Santa Maria) are alternatives for a luxury service.

The Tiduca Hotel (Ponta do Sol), the Flag Hotel Mindelo and the Suite Mariposa Sospesa Sul Mare apartment are other options to consider.

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