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Find out which are the best and worst days to start the diet

Do you always end up giving up on diets? Maybe you don’t get to work at the ideal time. Know the best and worst days to start the diet.

Every day there are new diets and ways to lose weight that promise to get you your dream body. You’ve probably even tried some, haven’t you? But it is very likely that, even despite losing some fat, you will still not reach your goal. The truth is that – surprise yourself – there are days to start the diet who are more or less suitable than others.

After all, the day you decide to adopt a healthier diet can make a lot of difference in the results achieved throughout the process. And since we don’t want you to miss anything, here are the best and worst days to start the diet.

What are the best days to start the diet?

Well, first of all, the most important thing is that you feel really prepared and motivated. Otherwise no day will be a good day to make changes to your diet. Whether it’s because you want to change or for health reasons, it’s crucial that you feel the need to make this change for yourself.

Having said that, one study at the University of pennsylvania, in the United States of America, concluded that important dates, such as birthdays, play a fundamental role in the desire to achieve goals. So, if you are thinking of starting a diet then the days after your birthday are a good time to move on.

If you prefer an alternative then don’t worry: monday is also one of the best days to start the diet. It represents the beginning of a new week and, as such, it seems appropriate that it is also the beginning of a change in your eating habits. According to some experts, there is a greater motivation to reach new goals on Monday.

On the other hand, one investigation of New England Journal of Medicine indicates that it is during the month of october that you should change your diet. And the best part is that you can choose any day of the month. The researchers concluded that this is the time when people experience the least difficulties in complying with a diet.

Finally, if you are still not satisfied with any of the options, Can you start a diet after a major life change?. Moving house, having a new jobending a relationship: these are perfect moments to start fulfilling the goal of having the body you want so much.

Discover the worst days to start the diet

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By opposition, a bad time to start a diet is the new year. O New Year’s Eve is marked by an endless list of objectives that he wants to accomplish in the year that is starting and that is repeated every year. Problem? If it didn’t deliver in the past then why would it be any different now?

You can forget about changing your diet on a Friday., because this is one of the worst days to start the diet. A study from the University of cornell, in the United States of America, concluded that people’s weight tends to be lower on Fridays and Saturdays and higher on Sundays or Mondays. The reason for this oscillation? The weekend is the time to arrange dinners with friends, dinners with the family and, who knows, up to one brunch.

Also out of the question is the post-vacation period, despite being the trend. Even if you commit some excesses while you have your deserved rest, you shouldn’t start a diet when you get back to your normal routine. This is because the end of the holidays will make you feel like eating even more.

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