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Fatura da Sorte is going round the 29th of December: ready to win?

If you have been requesting an invoice with NIF, then be aware of the extraordinary Lucky Invoice draw. There are three prizes of 50 thousand euros, in addition to the regular prize of 35 thousand.

The last extraordinary draw of the Fatura da Sorte year takes place on the 29th of December. The tax authorities will reward three taxpayers with 50,000 euros in Treasury Certificates, in addition to awarding the regular weekly prize of 35,000 euros.

If you are one of the lucky recipients, the Tax Authority will inform you by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to the tax domicile, or via email.

All taxpayers go to the game, as long as they are in the habit of asking to put their tax number (NIF) on the invoices for their purchases. Every 10 euros in purchases is worth a number for the Tax Authority draw??

You can consult your eligible coupons for the Fata da Sorte on the Finance Portal at e-Fatura/Fatura da Sorte.

It should be recalled that the Fatura da Sorte draw was created by the Government led by Passos Coelho. It was a way of encouraging taxpayers to ask for an invoice for their purchases, with the prize being a car. With the Government of António Costa, the premium was replaced by Treasury Certificates, intended for household savings.

The draw is issued by RTP1. be attentive and good luck!

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