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The Geminids Meteor Shower Means Luck For 4 Zodiac Signs

The Geminids meteor shower graces the December skies and can be seen particularly at night in the northern hemisphere. from December 9 and until next Saturday the 17th, until then, it will bring luck for 4 zodiac signs.

This astronomical phenomenon is observed when small pieces of dust and space debris fall at high speed through the planet’s atmosphere, causing the great spectacle that we can see.

Meteor showers are not random events, that is, sporadic. We can see them every year at the same time of the year, such is the case of the Geminids which occurs every December.

Astrologically, meteor showers represent our frozen emotions and collective fears that emerge to be healed, likewise, portends the arrival of changes and transformationsso for some signs of the zodiac it means a stroke of luck.

For those born under the sign of Taurus, this meteor shower heralds the beginning of a new stage. According to the site milenio.com, it represents a period of calm, as well as good luck in love and money after going through difficult times.

People who are Virgo will be able to carry out business or some legal and administrative procedure; the Geminids arrive with an air of financial stability, which means that, from now on, monetary liquidity will flow correctly.

If you were born on the star of Scorpio, the December star shower symbolizes fortune on a romantic level. The horoscope predicts that you will have more charisma, which will help you with your interpersonal relationships. Expect a big surprise.

This rain of stars augurs the arrival of unforeseen money that will give you peace of mind and fill you with positive energy. From that moment on, a period of abundance will begin that will illuminate your life.

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