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Early Christmas shopping? There are (at least) 3 reasons to do so.

Avoiding lines, crowds and higher prices are all great reasons to do some early Christmas shopping. But there are more reasons and advantages. Find out which.

Early Christmas Shopping they are synonymous with savings: on the one hand, you will find cheaper prices; on the other hand, you will have more time to plan your Christmas budget. At a time when the cost of living is more expensive, planning, adjusting and comparing prices are good practices.

3 Advantages of Early Christmas Shopping


It’s lighter for your wallet

Doing early Christmas shopping helps to stop excessive expenses, not only because it avoids the astronomical prices that many stores charge at that time, but also because you have more time to consider and research alternatives, avoiding last-minute despair.

If you plan ahead, determining in advance the type of gifts you want to buy, you will still be able to take advantage of any promotions and special conditions offered by merchants or websiteswithout fear that they will sell out or that they will arrive late.

note: Studies have shown that if you do your Christmas shopping before mid-December, you tend to save around 15 to 20% more than those who choose to do so after December 20th. If you do it around Black Friday, more money can be saved.


Contributes to your mental health

Not having to face the chaos that the malls and the streets in the weeks before Christmas will definitely contribute to your mental health. By doing your Christmas shopping in advance you will avoid the stress of endless lines, lack of parking and the crowds of people looking more desperate than Christmas.


Gives you more time to enjoy the holiday season

At the beginning of December, it’s best to focus on Christmas decorations and how to make your home as festive as possible.

By doing your Christmas shopping in advance, you’ll be able to enjoy more of the time you have left until Christmas Eve without worries and focus on what really matters: family and friends.

Unmissable tips for early Christmas shopping

make a list

  • Start by making a list of the people you are going to give a gift to and the respective amount you want to spend;
  • Without deviating from the budget, think about alternatives that can meet the recipients’ taste and their budget;
  • If you don’t remember anything, try to discreetly check with the person as soon as possible – to avoid suspicion;
  • In addition to the gifts, don’t forget that you should also consider – and make lists – for: decorations and food for the festive season.

Keep an eye out for good deals

  • With that list in hand and once you have time, look for promotions, discounts and other opportunities that will allow you to save some money;
  • subscribe to newsletters of the stores that you like, search for the products you want in the respective websites, sign up for discount portals and keep your eyes peeled. To make sure you’re getting the best deal possible, compare prices in the various stores you’ve researched;
  • If you see what seems like a good deal, go ahead: don’t miss a good opportunity waiting for another one that may never appear. Also, if you buy the gifts little by little, it doesn’t weigh so much on your wallet.

Consider shopping online

  • Buying online is practical, fast and allows you to take advantage of the numerous promotions that are made on the Internet;
  • In addition, it will allow you to follow the list more rationally, without the interference of emotional and marketing what you try in physical stores;
  • However, before proceeding with the purchase, take into account the delivery times, which are of vital importance, and the shipping costs, whose value can turn any savings into excessive costs.

In short, early Christmas shopping saves you time and moneyavoiding periods of stress and giving you the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas spirit completely focused on what is essential.

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