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Don’t shop on Black Friday without using these 2 price comparators

See how the two price comparators of the promotions that we present to you can help you with your shopping, especially on Black Friday.

Black Friday is coming and are you already planning the purchases you need to make? There are two promotions price comparators that can help you with this task.

Plan everything you have to buy calmly and compare prices in a timely manner, in addition to checking if the promotions that are advertised are actually true, or if, on the contrary, the product was already cheaper or this is its usual price, only increased in the days before Black Friday.


DECO price comparator

The tool “Compare Prices” by DECO can be used by all people, even if they are not members. Effectively, no registration is required. All you need to do is paste the link of the product in question at the indicated place, and the program will immediately tell you, through a traffic light system, whether or not the promotion in question is genuine??

With this price comparator, you can know this information, since you can check the prices that that product has obtained each day, in the last 3 months. This way, you can analyze whether the product has previously been priced lower, deciding whether to wait for a better promotion or whether to take advantage of the current promotion.

You may have pleasant or unpleasant surprises. Don’t forget to compare case by case with the stores belonging to the traditional trade, because the best prices may even be there, and not in the supermarkets.

O only negative point of this tool is that, unlike other comparators, here you only find prices for products that are online on large surfaces. That is, if you are looking for a product that is not for sale online or that is too specific, this tool will not be able to help you.


KuantoKusta price comparator

O KuantoKusta It also offers a free service that allows consumers to consult Black Friday promotions in real time and without unnecessary confusion.

It is recommended that in the previous days you do a research on the prices of the products you intend to purchase, in order to avoid misleading offers, as happens with the price increase in the days before Black Friday, so that on that day they return to the normal price, making -the pass for a promotion.

Make the most of Black Friday by preparing in advance and using these price comparison deals that you have at your disposal when shopping online??

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