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5 Tricks to look better in photos and video calls with your mobile

Every day we have more present social networks and photos and selfies are part of our daily life.

We look for the best angle, our best good profile and even so we take 30 photos of which in the end we only choose one, the one we like the most. However, there are people who do not know how to take a flattering selfie.

They don’t know which angle is the best what to do to get the best photobut there are some tricks that can be used for it.

5 Tricks to get the best selfie

1- Stretch the neck

By stretching your neck, you make it look longer and let your jawline define. Also, you can lower your shoulders to appear more relaxed.

2- Look for the photo that has the best light

When you go to take a selfie, rotate until you find the best light. When you do it, step away from the camera and capture the moment.

3- Relax your mouth

blow air through your lips it keeps your mouth from looking tight and your lips from looking fuller.

4- Look at the camera

Look at the camera and raise your eyebrows a bit as you do so. This will make your eyes appear larger. Besides, think of something that makes you smile so that it creates a genuine appearance.

5- Take the photo from the side

Frontal photos don’t turn out so well. Better, hold the phone to one side to have an impeccable angle.

With these tricks, you will get get great photos without too much effort and you will never have to envy all those celebrities who manage to come out perfect in any selfie.

What do you think? Did you know that there were tricks to take a better selfie? Tell us in the comments!

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