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8 pieces that are good buys at a discount

Mango has an outlet that you will enjoy visiting: it is called Mango Outlet and it promises good shopping: see pieces at good prices.

Did you know that Mango has an outlet that is just a click away? Yes, you read that right, it’s called Mango Outlet and there you will find pieces from the past collections of the Spanish brand at a discount.

Along with Zara, the also Spanish Mango is one of the stores that are assumed to be favorites among the Portuguese – and the truth is that it is easy to see why. From the latest trends to the most classic pieces, there you can find all the pieces you need to be well dressed and happy. All at more friendly prices, so you can shop more affordable.

From cashmere sweaters to wool overcoats, not forgetting dresses, boots and shirts, the outlet is a good opportunity to buy amazing pieces at a better price.

So, you know that sweater you’ve been dating throughout the collection and then let it slip away? You are likely to find it at Mango Outlet.

Below we show you some pieces that are good buys for the cold seasons.

The 6 Mango Outlet Pieces You’ll Want to Own

Jumpsuits are an excellent alternative to dresses, making any woman beautiful and elegant. If you’re looking for one that you can wear to work or an event, you’ve just found it.

This one has a sophisticated cut and, as it has long sleeves, it is a good option for autumn days.

Versatile, for day or night, for work or an event. If you like it, don’t let it go.

Price with 30% discount:€41.99

Basic cotton shirts are always a safe bet, especially when it comes to looks for work. These are always purchases to enjoy.

If you need to renew yours, take advantage of the opportunities at Mango Outlet and save, while staying beautiful and stylish.

Price with 30% discount:€13.99

Sweaters are excellent for keeping warm and comfortable on the most diverse occasions.

For work, just match it with a pencil skirt or classic cut pants; for everyday wear, they look great with a good basic pair of jeans or leather-effect leggings; and for the evening or for a weekend lunch, they are great complements to miniskirt and tights looks.

If you haven’t noticed yet, stripes are a huge trend for sweaters this fall-winter.

Price with 30% discount:€27.99

Already thinking about the cold winter days, this cashmere sweater is perfect for the coldest ones.

To wear with jeans, skirts or under dresses, it’s one of those quality pieces that’s worth having in your closet and that’s not easy to get at a discount.

So, if you need to renew your closet for the cold season, it’s worth taking advantage of it.

In pink, to color gray days.

Price with 30% discount:€69.99

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With the rainy season, it’s time to buy a trench coat or parka (if you don’t already have one in your closet).

This parka, our choice, has a traditional color – beige, which goes with everything.

The cut, despite respecting the classic style of this piece, is oversized and brings some trend and fashion information to the look. That is, it promises to be a best friend on gray and rainy days, keeping you protected from the rain, always in style.

Price with 30% discount:€62.99

Vests continue to be one of the strong trends of this season. For this reason, and because they are the ideal ally to look slimmer and taller, you can take advantage of Mango Outlet’s discounts to buy the one that will accompany you until spring.

To be worn over sweaters and jeans, skirts and dresses, it is a piece that visually creates a vertical line, which offers the optical illusion of stretching the silhouette.

This one, with a leather effect and in army green, is perfect for the cold season.

Price with 30% discount:€34.99

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As it is an essential piece on cold winter days, investing in a warm and good quality coat is a safe bet.

Indeed, being able to find this type of piece, more classic, at a discount is really a find. So if you’re in need of a new coat, it’s worth buying this one.

This one comes in pink, light blue and green, and has a good percentage of wool.

Price with 21% discount:€94.99

The anorak is our ideal companion for those cold days when we feel like leaving the house wrapped in the duvet. In addition to being very cozy and casual, it is a piece that never goes out of style – therefore, it is a good buy.

This one exists in pink, ecru and black. Promise to be a good friend until spring comes.

Price with 20% discount:€47.99

There’s no doubt about it: it’s really possible to make good finds at Mango Outlet, right? We can find trendy clothes, with nice discounts at any time of the year, shipping is free from 50 euros and, if you don’t like the piece, you can return it.

Enjoy the discounts and happy shopping!

Article originally published September 2020. Updated November 2022.

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