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6 crucial tips that will get you a higher salary at your next salary negotiation

If you have more tasks than what you are hired for, it should definitely be at the top of your list of arguments why you deserve a higher salary than what you have today. Here we list six crucial tips that will hopefully get you a higher salary at your next negotiation!

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Before a salary negotiation, it is important to be prepared. Here we help you with that by highlighting relevant points to focus on before the meeting.

1. You have more tasks than what you are hired for

Have you been assigned more tasks than you were hired for? Raise these to your employer and explain how much more you actually do than what you get paid for.

2. Lift results instead of knowledge

Your employer hopefully already knows what kind of knowledge and experience you have, so rather focus on your results. If you have clear examples of results or positive changes you have implemented in your role, it is high time to put these on the table.

3. Emphasize your excellence

If you are very talented in your particular field and have a position of excellence at the company (or in your department), you should of course also press that during a salary negotiation. Remember to give living examples!

4. Score your drive and responsibility

Write down concrete examples of when you are ambitious, driven and responsible at work and highlight these to your employer.

5. Summarize – calm and collected

Citing 32 reasons why you are the best is not in your favor. Keep calm and be factual.

6. Be tough and stand your ground

No one will be mad at you for inviting them to a salary negotiation and the worst that can happen is that you get a no. Be tough and stand your ground!

TIP! Place a higher bid than you want to end at

A salary negotiation often consists of compromise and the risk if you settle too low is that the final sum will be lower than you thought.

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Here we list three things you should NEVER do during a salary negotiation

1. Talk down your colleagues

There is a fine line between elevating yourself and explaining why you are one of the company’s most important assets to throwing crap at employees. Focus on yourself and your accomplishments, not what others are doing (or not doing).

2. Threaten termination

Threatening to quit if you don’t get a higher salary doesn’t belong in a professional salary negotiation.

3. Get mad at your employer

If you don’t get the salary you had hoped for, it is still not a reason to become unfriended with your employer. It’s important that you don’t feel overwhelmed, but getting angry won’t help you either.

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