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a cell phone from your wrist

Everything you need and want from your mobile phone can always be accessible on your wrist via a smartwatch. Very convenient and practical.

You smartwatches extended the usual usage practices of smartphones, increasing not only their mobility and convenience in use, but also their functionalities.

These digital smart watcheshave become true personal assistants that, through an elegant design, combine the functionalities of a regular watch with the functionality of a smart phone.

With touch sensitive screens, just like the screen of a mobile phone, smartwatches can be used both as an alarm clock and to answer calls, send sms, read emails or even make payments.

In this way, a smartwatch almost resembles not only a personal assistant, but also a personal trainer, available 24 hours a day, which reminds its user when to practice physical activity, but which also allows them to work and relax without having to having your cell phone in your hand at all times.

Smartwatch: robustness, comfort and personality

Smaller and more robust than a mobile phone, many of the models currently available are specially designed for outdoor physical activity. Even those that work in conjunction with your mobile phone’s Bluetooth, and that need to be kept close by in a backpack or bag to ensure communication between the two, the convenience of touching the screen on your wrist instead of having to do it with your mobile phone in hand is a point in favor of this wearable technology.

For those who like to speak aloud, many smartwatch models allow you to do so, such as listening to music or dictating written messages. For drivers who don’t like to take their eyes off the road too much to look at the coordinates of the navigation systems, the option of a smartwatch also seems to be advantageous since it is possible to get models that emit vibration on the wrist to indicate which street to turn.

The ideal is to identify before purchasing which features are of most interest to you in order to choose the model that will best serve your day-to-day life. We leave you here two suggestions of the brand iServices that meet the features most sought after by users of these gadgets and that will soon be on sale on Black Friday.

Smartwatch iServices 2nd Generation: classic design for everyday functionality

Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and many others, this iServices smartwatch allows you to answer calls, listen to music and receive the latest notifications from your phone, thanks to the dual Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 connection. To connect it to your mobile phone, you’ll have to install the FunKeep application from your app store or by scanning the QR code found in the manual or on the box that comes with the product.

Once the application is installed, you can choose between different watch faces and different menu categories to customize your smartwatch, easily adapting it to your needs. If you’re a sportsman, this model offers you monitoring for 15 different sports, which guarantee you to measure your daily steps and the level of oxygen in your blood and blood pressure, as well as counting the number of calories burned. All on a 1.7 inch screen.

Price: €41.97 promotion save 30%

iServices Sports Smartwatch: round and robust design

O iServices Sport Smartwatch it is especially suitable for running, bodybuilding, cycling and climbing. With 5W magnetic charging, this fitness model offers the same sports features as the classic model, but on a 1.28-inch screen. Despite being water resistant, iServices advises against submersion in water or contacting the microphone hole with any liquid.

Price: €48.97 promotion save 30%

Orange Season iServices: an early Black Friday

Four weeks before Black Friday, iServices opens its doors to promotions in an initiative called the Orange Season. These black friday discounts include gadgets, smartwatches, chargers and many other accessories that will be accessible to all customers for a whole month at low prices, anticipating the Christmas season without queues and without confusion.

Surrender to a smartwatch!

Get to know the variety available at iServices and choose the best option for you!

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