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Viva Magenta is the color of the year 2023, so here’s how to wear it

Viva Magenta was elected the color of the year 2023 and will be present not only in fashion, but also in decoration, so see tips for use

In recent years you may have heard about choosing the trend color for the season defined by Pantone. For 2023 the bet is on Viva Magenta. And, consequently, the question arises of how to use it – with or without moderation – in fashion and decoration, this is the bet for 2023.

The Pantone Color Institute is a world reference brand responsible for developing codified color organization systems, creating trends in the market. And, according to vice president Laurie Pressman, “this year’s color calls for courage.” Defining the wish for another year without the pandemic.

Viva Magenta means “violet red”, it is a mixture between violet and red. Despite being a warm and vibrant color, the color for 2023 brings harmony to environments. Since, according to Feng Shui, it is connected to spirituality.

To use the color of the year in your day to day, details make the difference: from lipstick to cell phone; from a pillow to arranging flowers in the house. Soon we will enter the wedding season, in May. So, who knows how to invest in a dress for the party or even to compose the ladies at the altar. The contrast between the bride’s classic white and the vibrant magenta will break standards without losing elegance.

Look for inspiration in the looks of celebrities, such as Kate Middleton and Marina Ruy Barbosa, who have already drawn attention using the color of the year. The proposal can be applied in a classic monochrome tailoring set to elongate the silhouette. Or even, in a haute couture dress, in layers and calfs, accentuating the femininity of the look.

However, make no mistake. Although Viva Magenta is related to women, the color of the year also conveys sensuality, used by male celebrities at major events in world entertainment.

In general, in fashion, magenta can be combined with glitter, in the main piece or in accessories. Or even in looks with pink, red and neutral tones. To dare, bet with orange, green or yellow.

In the decoration, the details, again, can print your style more, or less daring. A vase, a picture or even a magenta lamp will add a splash of color to any room.

In a bolder proposal, the living room wall, for example, will add glamor to the environment. add elements boho in decor, complementing a contemporary bohemian chic style to the space.

Another option is to use the vivid magenta color palette variation, such as pink. The idea is to take that old chest of drawers from the bedroom and renovate it, DIY style, or “do it yourself”.

It doesn’t matter the environment or the size of the investment you want to make in decoration, or even in your personal style. Viva Magenta will convey joy and sophistication, breaking patterns with harmony and charm. It’s worth the bet.

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