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The ideal underwear for every body type

Do you know which underwear is ideal for your body type? There are several types of women’s underwear and each one values ​​the body in a different way.

If you have to choose between different types of women’s underwear, but you don’t know which one is most suitable for you and to enhance your qualities, then you’ve come to the right place. First of all, it is important to underline that if you take this care when choosing the clothes you wear on a daily basis or even for a special occasion, you should also do it with our underwear??

Types of women’s underwear

Which panties are ideal for you?

Women’s underwear can not only help every woman feel much sexier, but also help her shape her body so that the rest of her clothes, the ones she wears on a daily basis, fit her even better.

In this article about women’s underwear, we’re going to talk specifically about the ideal underwear for every woman. There are several models of panties that can be used depending on the purpose you want to give them. Imagine that you still haven’t managed to lose those extra kilos that are noticeable on your belly and you have a tight dress to wear to a party. You can then opt for panties that help hide your belly and make you feel super comfortable.

These briefs are the perfect mix, as in addition to offering support for the tummy, they also offer support for the butt. All this with the added bonus of being cute, that is, they don’t look like grandma’s panties.

G-string briefs are ideal for those who have a true athletic body with well-toned buttocks. Or, simply, for those who feel good in their body. So, really, if you feel good wearing them, even though they don’t offer support, this is your underwear – and that’s not up for debate.

Classic briefs are the most common. They provide good coverage for the tail; so, if this is not your best attribute at all, classic briefs may be the ideal model for you.

Bikini-cut briefs flatter most bodies. They are very comfortable briefs, so you can easily wear them daily and with any type of clothing.

These briefs are more dug in the groin area, which accentuates the body curves. Women who have an hourglass body or a rectangle body benefit from this type of brief.

Just like thong briefs, these are also more suitable for women with more toned bodies, as they offer no support. The bodies most favored with this type of underwear are those with an inverted triangle shape.

Boxers are best suited for women with pear-shaped bodies, that is, with hips wider than the shoulders, as they help maintain the shape of the butt, giving it good support.

High-waisted briefs favor women with hourglass bodies and a small waist. In addition, and as it ends at the woman’s waist, this type of panty also helps to hide the belly.

The shaping briefs are very high-waisted briefs that offer maximum support to the abdominal area – some include a strap and end just below the chest. This is the perfect model to hide excess fat. They are, however, heavier compared to high-waisted briefs and not as easy to put on and take off.

Follow these tips and choose the best women’s underwear for you. This, of course, while still feeling comfortable and sexy.

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