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Sortelha, the village of the ring that adorns Sabugal

Sortelha, the ring village, has aroused more and more curiosity. Located in Sabugal, it breathes tradition and deserves a visit.

Portugal has a remarkable wealth, providing different experiences. They are spaces where tradition and modernity come together in a centenary history, where each stone has its own meaning. Sortelha is one of those places.

The corners of Portugal go far beyond the beach holidays in the Algarve heat, or the wonderful days in the Douro Wine Region. In this way, and in this context, luck may be the right option.

Sortelha, the village of the ring that makes us want to go back

This village, located in the municipality of Sabugal, is full of stone houses that are in an excellent state of preservation. Therefore, anyone who is enchanted by Historic Villages will certainly be amazed by Sortelha, also known as the village of the ring.

The name of the village is believed to derive from the Castilian word “sortija”, which means ring. So, if we look closely at Sortelha’s coat of arms, we can see that the coat of arms actually has a castle and a ring.

What to see and what to do

All of us, during childhood, came into contact with the imagination of fairy tales and enchanting stories starring the prince who saves the princess and together they become kings. Therefore, the setting of one of these stories could well be Sortelha.

Ordered to be built by D. Sancho I, the castle (12th century) immediately imposes the first contact with the village, since it is 760m high and can be seen from afar. In the year 1910, it was classified as National Heritage.

The walls are enchanting and the Arab Door serves as an entrance – one of four that the wall has, the others being Porta Nova, Porta Falsa and Porta da Vila (or Porta do Concelho) – to a fantastic space.

The view from the top also displays a wonderful landscape, which will certainly be one of the highlights of your visit to this village.

Despite being relatively small, the village of Sortelha has a number of points of interest that are worth a visit and that will surprise you. So, follow our suggestions and observe, photograph and enjoy only these places.

  • Torre Sineira (from where you can access a breathtaking view);
  • Former Town Hall and Jail (2-storey building, each dedicated to a different service);
  • Mother Church of Sortelha/Church of Nossa Senhora das Neves (from the 14th century, underwent renovations over time);
  • Cabeça da Velha (rock with a peculiar shape that we easily associate with the head of an elderly lady).
Sortelha is one of the most fantastic secrets of Sabugal

Where to eat

There are two catering spaces that are recommended most often. Both the Dom Sancho Restaurant (Largo do Corro, Sortelha) and the O Celta Restaurant (Rua Doutor Victor Pereira das Neves) offer traditional cuisine.

Where sleep

Naturally, one cannot expect the existence of 5 star hotels for every kilometer of Portuguese territory.

And, when we choose to do rural tourism, we have to favor contact with nature, with people and know how to carefully choose the places where to sleep.

Among the most popular options in Sortelha are the Casas da Lagariça and the Hostal Robalo (the latter option being a little further from the village, at a distance of about 10km).

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