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How to have healthy finances? The secret is to learn from an early age.

The financial education of children and young people is crucial so that, in the future, they know how to manage money responsibly.

The sooner you start preparing the youngest for issues related to money, consumption and savings, the easier this generation will make correct decisions in the future. Do you know where to start?

The most recent data on the financial literacy of the Portuguese are not encouraging, so it is important to work to change these indicators, especially with regard to the new generations.

How to act so that today’s children and young people are financially responsible adults tomorrow? Families, schools, regulators and all agents in the banking, financial system and economy in general have an important role in the financial education of the youngest.

The urgency of sustainable consumption habits and digitization reinforce the need to pay increasing attention to this issue, so that future adults can be prepared to deal with these challenges.

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Financial Literacy is needed for a sustainable economy

Poor knowledge of financial matters is a common problem among Portuguese adults. But there may be hope in the future. How to better prepare children for these topics? Learn more in this article from Saldo Positivo.

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