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David Faitelson and Ricardo Salinas Pliego had a spicy grab on Twitter for the latest on Mexican soccer

Ricardo Salinas Pliego during the World Golf Championships-Mexico 2018.

Photo: Alvaro Paulin / Getty Images

David Faitelson was once again the protagonist of another controversy on social networks after having a strong discussion with the president of TV Azteca, Ricardo Salinas Pliego. The issue of contention between the two was the situation that Mexican soccer is currently going through after Yon de Luisa’s resignation from the FMF.

The lawsuit originated when Salinas revealed some reasons that led to the departure of De Luisa from the Federation.“Today we talked with Yon de Luisa and he explained his reasons for not running for another term at the head of the Mexican Soccer Federation, which are: bad results of the National Team in Qatar 2022 and the restructuring that we are carrying out in the Sports part of the Federation to improve the results of the National Team”he explained while regretting the manager’s resignation.

Salinas also shared some suggestions which he considers would bring benefits to Mexican soccer. This did not seem to please Faitelson and he harshly criticized the businessman. “It is unquestionable to indicate that the owners of Mexican soccer clubs think with the portfolio: Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of TV Azteca and who controls 4 clubs, proposes ‘closing Liga MX, disappearing relegation forever and eliminating fines.’ What a pity!” he wrote in a tweet.

Already at this point the controversy was served and both brought out their explosive personality. Ricardo ended up lashing out at the ESPN journalist, assuring that he only knows how to live off controversy.

“Don’t be sorry. It hurts to be a bastard ** who complains about everything, that his greatest achievement is to live by making controversy. So you can see that I have plenty of ‘want’ to see what day we sit down to talk. Ah, but it is not worth saying stupid **… well, a few, so that you can talk about something, “he said.

The interaction became long and both continued to respond to the attacks. For his part, Faitelson indicated that soccer was not handled the way Salinas did. Don Ricardo Salinas Pliego: soccer is not managed the way you do – successfully, by the way, on television, at Elektra, at Banco Azteca and other companies. Soccer is a different matter. You and the rest of the owners know how to do business, but you have no idea about football”.

“David tell me the truth, do you know about soccer? Where did you learn? How many teams have you had? How many have you managed? We talked, but face to face and in person. From ex-employer to ex-employee, we even drink coffee,” replied the businessman.

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