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Can I drive a foreign registered car in Portugal?

Is it legal to drive a car registered in another country on national territory? Yes, but there are conditions. Know what the law says.

I’m taking my daughter’s car to Portugal. Does she have to associate my name with her insurance? Can I keep the car in Portugal for 180 days or just go to Spain to renew those 180 days?

You can drive a car with foreign registration in Portugal if you meet certain conditions, namely, you do not reside in Portugal, you are a relative of the owner or holder of the vehicle, the vehicle has a definitive registration in an EU country and, most importantly, the car is not in Portugal for more than 180 days (6 months) per 12 months.

This period may be interpolated, however, can never exceed 6 months in a year. This is the period in which the vehicle is suspended from paying the tax, as indicated in article 30 of the Vehicle Tax Code.

As for insurancewhen you register a car in any EU country, you must take out civil liability insurance, commonly known as third-party insurance.

This mandatory insurance is valid in all EU countries and covers material or bodily damage caused to anyone other than the driver. However, there are no EU-wide rules regarding voluntary car insurance.

Ideally, check with your insurance company as insurers may apply different rules depending on the country. In this sense, insurance coverage may be limited in time, distance or may exclude some countries for coverage of certain types of risks (for example, theft).

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