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Andy Ruiz shows off his new tattoos: a lion, a sheep and a face

The Mexican American Boxer Andy Ruiz He made news again, although this time not because of his profession, but because of one of his most deeply rooted hobbies: tattooing.

It seems that the boxer will not rest until his body is full of ink, and if that is his goal, he is on the right track, since He added three more pieces of this art on his body and showed them off on social networks.among those that can be distinguished, a lion and a sheep can be seen.

It was through his Instagram account, where with a story the former world champion boasted this Monday that he now has a roaring lion on his left thigh, and to one side of it, the head of a sheep.

The boxer posted the post with the phrase “fresh ink”, since, according to other recent posts, they were made the weekend that just ended.

To the figures of the animals is added a face that was tattooed on the right forearm.

These new “acquisitions” are added to the previous ones, where the impressive tattoo that she has from her neck to her buttocks stands out, which seems to be of the figure of Saint Michael the Archangel, on which is read, at the height of her shoulder blades, the word “Victorious”.

In addition to other smaller ones on the shoulders, biceps and triceps, the boxer also boasts on his chest hands joined in prayer, with a glow in black and white in the background and doves on the sides, in addition to the face of Jesus Christ printed on his ribs on the right side.

With this, the “Destroyer” makes it very clear that tattoos are one of his greatest passions.

In sports, Ruiz has not confirmed his next fight, but it is speculated that it could be in the coming months against Deontay Wilder, since the World Boxing Council (WBC) ordered this elimination fight so that the winner can compete for the world title against Tyson Furythe current heavyweight champion.

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