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Andrés Guardado wants to play at least one more year in Europe and then become a coach

Andrés Guardado during a Betis match.

Photo: PAU BARRENA / AFP / Getty Images

He is currently one of the oldest Betis players and second captain. Midfielder Andrés Guardado gave an interview to Diario Marca in which he talked about his plans for the future in football and revealed that he wants to last another year in the European elite and then continue his career as a coach.

The dialogue with the Spanish outlet took place before the duel against Real Madrid for La Liga and the UEFA Europa League round of 16 against Manchester United. Despite his 36 years, Guardado looks strong and has the quality to continue at Betis.

“I think that on the field you can see that, at least, I am here for another year. By now, when you get to these ages, you go year by year. You are seeing how you are feeling, how you are seeing yourself on the field, if you can continue competing at the highest level, and today I can tell you with complete confidence that I feel strong to play another year at this level”, he stated.

However, the Mexican is aware of his situation and the dynamics within the world of football and does not rule out that he could retire at another club. “Afterwards, you have to see what chances I have of staying here or going to another team, another league. But I will continue playing for another year at least for sure”.

Renewal of Andrés Guardado

Taking another course is a possibility because the Aztec player has not closed his renewal with Betis and his contract ends in 2023, but this is not a matter that seems to worry him.

“The truth is that I am very calm, it is not something that overwhelms me today because you also have to see how the season ends, what happens. Last year, when he was in the same situation, he was more nervous about the World Cup. There was a World Cup there which obviously makes you a little more nervous to see what will happen, but now, without the World Cup and that selection obligation, I feel calmer, enjoying day to day, trying to continue helping my team And we’ll see what happens at the end of the season,” he explained.

Saved trainer

The midfielder is already clear that once he retires from the field, his future will continue to be linked to professional football, as he confessed to having an interest in tactical analysis and will prepare to be a coach. “I am preparing to be a coach. I love it, I love the field, analyzing rivals, players, tactical schemes… I like it and I think that surely, after moving from the field, I will very possibly look for opportunities on the benches, “he said.

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