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Zscaler presents technology for uninterrupted cloud security

Zscaler’s solution is the industry’s first to secure the connection between users and applications against unexpected incidents. The solution is an evolution of Zscaler’s cloud-based security platform and ensures that communication to applications in the cloud can be quickly protected and restored in the event of unforeseen incidents or cyber attacks.

Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZS), a leading cloud security provider, is now introducing Zscaler ResilienceTM, a solution that extends the resilience of Zscaler’s security products so businesses can trust users to always have access to critical cloud-based applications. The solution is a further development of the investments in SaaS security that Zscaler has made over 15 years. The company today operates the world’s largest cloud security platform, where customers now have the opportunity to quickly start up operations after completely unexpected incidents, so-called “black swans”, which otherwise have the potential to stop or greatly disrupt the entire company.

It is often difficult or impossible to predict disasters, such as those caused by state-sponsored cyber attacks, vandals or natural disasters. Such events are, of course, unusual, but as the cloud becomes an increasingly central part of the business, companies still have to protect themselves. The fact that more and more people are working remotely makes it even more important to protect cloud applications. Otherwise, there is a risk of business interruption, loss of data as well as revenue and a decrease in trust in the company.

Zscaler Resilience helps businesses prepare for these incidents. The solution uses various parts of the Zscaler Zero Trust ExchangeTM cloud security platform to enable companies to ensure that they do not suffer from business interruption.

Secures the connection to public and private cloud applications

Zscaler Resilience protects against outages, unreliable cloud application performance, and even unusual, unique events that cannot be predicted. The solution automatically finds the best path from users to devices and applications. Zscaler Resilience has the following features:

  • Extreme Event Protection – An extreme event can affect the use of private applications protected by Zscaler’s cloud solutions, but with the new service, customers’ IT departments are empowered to round up the affected cloud. Instead, they can let the communication go through the Zscaler Private Service Edge, which resides in the customer’s own local data center or a public cloud service. There, the security policy will still apply, and there is no risk of interruptions. It is also possible to make restrictions so that only truly business-critical applications are given a direct Internet connection, and then with content filtering with the Zscaler Client Connector. This also reduces the risk of business interruption.
  • Dynamic options to secure productivity and performance – This feature allows customers to quickly stop the impact of an event that affects how well users and applications can communicate and perform. The service continuously examines the latency of HTTP gateways, and it automatically creates tunnels that optimize traffic.
  • Customers can exclude specific data centers – The function means that companies can temporarily stop the use of a data center that has suffered problems with the connection. Once the issues are resolved, the data center will automatically resume use.

Zscaler is also introducing a complementary service, Zscaler Resilience AuditTM, to help companies with their plans for incidents. The service does this by identifying areas for improvement – ​​before the unforeseen actually happens.

“Corporate IT environments have become more dispersed and the focus is now on the cloud, which means that management needs to prioritize a type of resilience that can make it possible to avoid interruptions,” says John Grady, principal analyst for cybersecurity at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). . “By integrating Zscaler Resilience directly into the Zero Trust Exchange platform, Zscaler can help its customers be prepared and quickly recover when something happens. These can be outright interruptions, dips in performance or completely unexpected events that would otherwise have led to a complete interruption of the company’s operations. The new solution does this in an uncomplicated and cost-effective way.”

A Zero Trust solution that starts from the cloud

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange was an early example of a cloud-based architecture for Zero Trust, a security model that represents a major shift in the way businesses work with security. The company’s products are trusted and considered to be of critical importance to many of the world’s largest companies and public organizations.

“We understand that Zscaler’s product can be very meaningful to our customers. Therefore, the reliability, availability of service and usability of our solutions are of the utmost importance to us,” said Dhawal Sharma, Vice President, General Manager, Zscaler. “The introduction of Zscaler Resilience shows that we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers’ operations do not suffer from interruptions.”

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