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zombie themed party decor

THE zombie party decoration it’s something different and even daring. By the way, the Zombie theme can guide the decoration of your party, betting on figures capable of causing goosebumps. The living dead will invade your event and make it surprising, but for that it is necessary to incorporate the main features of the theme and work with elements that make guests involved with the idea.

Zombie theme party decoration (Illustrative Photo)

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zombie themed party decor

When talking about zombie party decoration , it is interesting to seek inspiration in the main films and series that address the subject. Suddenly renting the feature film ‘Madrugada dos Mortos’ or watching some episodes of the series ‘The Walking Dead’ can serve as motivation to plan a spooky look for your party.


decorative elements

A sculpture that can help decorate your party (Illustrative Photo)

As the theme is intended to terrify, it is interesting to use some decorative elements that are common in Halloween parties. However, try not to convey the idea of ​​witches or other evil creatures, the focus needs to be the living dead so that the event has its identity preserved.

Tips for decorating your zombie party

Zombie-inspired cupcakes (Illustrative Photo)

First, define whether the party will be held in an open or closed area. From this information, the decoration begins to be assembled, seeking to set the place with the characteristics of the theme. A good suggestion is to simulate a cemetery, with several tombstones scattered around the environment or also a lost city. For the atmosphere to be quite terrifying, it is important to bet on balloons and fabrics in black to decorate.

Zombies can be exposed at the party through the panels, but this does not cause so much fear, so it is interesting to look for realistic sculptures. Perfecting the horror makeup is a way to leave the event with a terrifying atmosphere. Don’t forget to scatter dummy body parts around the environment, as well as artificial blood splattered across the floor.

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in the animated part

Since the zombie party is aimed at young people and adults, it is interesting to set up a dance floor, as well as a table with various themed food and drinks. If your budget doesn’t allow you to invest in so many sculptures of the living dead, try to set up a very funereal decoration in the party environment and then recommend that guests attend dressed as zombies.

Recommend that guests attend dressed as zombies (Illustrative Photo)

Black is the main color of a decoration set up to terrify, but it can also feature red, purple or brown. Darken the space using fabrics and give the place a festive atmosphere with hanging decorations.

Take advantage of the tips for putting together a zombie-themed party and combine good taste with creativity to get the best results.

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