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Zodiac signs that have a connection to the supernatural

Some signs of the zodiac have in their nature to be mystical and attached to the dark arts, so they can easily develop their spiritual side allowing them to create a connection with the supernatural. These signs have a predilection for the tarot, magic, witchcraft, rituals and are very sensitive to the forces of the beyond.

In our natal chart there are aspects that can give us a clue about some parapsychological ability, for example, our sign of Neptune, a planet that rules the fantastic, dreams and inspiration.

Astrologers explained to Bustle that if you have any of the following signs in your astrological houses 4, 8 and 12 which deal with psychic issues, you could have a connection to the esoteric, and if your sun sign is on this list, you have a natural sensitivity to the supernatural.

Virgo sign.
Virgo is sensitive to hidden energies. Photo: Shutterstock

This sign has a natural ability to unite the earthly world with the spiritual which has its origin in its ability to adapt and transmute energy. His planetary ruler is Mercury, the star of language and communication, so his sensitivity to receive hidden and secret messages is more developed.

Scorpio is a sign that thrives on secrecy and the occult. Forum: Shutterstock

Pluto’s influence is what places Scorpio on this mystical list. This planet is the one that governs darkness, magic and transformation, therefore, this sign is constantly in tune with its spiritual side. Also, he is comfortable navigating below the surface, meaning he loves to stay hidden and work there.

Sagittarius sees beyond what his eyes show him. Photo: Shutterstock

It does not care about the restrictions of the rational world. Their curiosity drives them to see what lies beyond what their eyes show them. And it is that the mission in their life is to expand their horizons and be wiser, so they remain open to information from beyond.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy. Photo: Shutterstock

Being the sign ruled by Neptune, has a direct connection to the spirit world. Although they are known for daydreaming, creativity and fantasy, being on the border between the real and the mystical leads them to be very sensitive to the astral realm.

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